A Wedding Story – Fiction Friday – All Bets are Off

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Every Breath you Take

A Wedding Story

The Bride’s Side *

“Have you seen the dress?”

“No, do you think she’ll have the nerve to wear white?”

“I did.”

“Time for a subject change – did you see what the Millers did to the outside of their house?”

“You mean the blue paint. Yes, I saw it.”

“Aren’t there some kind of codes against to stop people from painting their houses blue?”

“Look, here comes Bree.”

“Would you look at that, she’s as big as a bus.”

The Groom’s Side **

“Where’d he meet this girl, again? I forgot.”

“I’m not really sure. Cloe, do you remember where he found this one?”

“All I know is the groomsmen are out back taking bets on how long this is going to last.”

“Well, I hope he got a pre-nup.”

Cloe elbowed him in the ribs. “Watch it.”

“Here come the guys with the bride’s maids, you think Harry forgot the rings?”

“I just hope everyone can keep a straight face when the Minister uses ‘Pell’s’ birth name.”

Everyone is in place up front. Pretty as a picture.  The audience goes quiet.  The music starts.

The Stalker’s Song… Every Breath You Take, by the Police….

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A Wedding Story has been brought to you as an installment of Fiction Friday.  

Come back next week and don’t touch anything sharp.

*as a part time Rent-a-Rev who has married many couples, including her daughter and son-in-law, some bits of conversation in this story were real.  The replies have been changed to protect the friends and the couple.

** No, I did not place any bets.  A few years back I was at a baby shower where I had married three of the women in attendance.  Two of the three had gotten a divorce.

A Wedding Story


By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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  1. Sally! I could see the wedding friends talk and not really care who saw their gossip. On a slightly related note, a few years ago I was in a 5th grade class, subbing. We were getting along fine, no problems, for the most part the kids like when I am in their room. A student raised their hand and oh so politely, out of nowhere, “How long have you been married? ” I replied 32 years. The student shook her head and said, “No, not altogether, the husband you are with now”. I said that I have been married to one husband for 32 years. The student sighed and said, “That isn’t how you do it, you married many different men, not just one.” The kids in the room agreed with the student and thought I was weird.
    Keep writing! Jan Kitzing

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