Fiction Friday – Stalking – Part One

Welcome to Fiction Friday.  Who is Stalking?

Last week someone asked about what might have happened to the man having the conversation with the one who ‘made’ him.  All Fiction Friday Posts are Available at Fiction Friday.


The street and buildings glowed orange red in the sunset. The man on the corner squinted in Selina’s direction. She had known he was there, lurking, since last week. She had been careful not to do anything to spook him. It wasn’t time for him to know. That time would come soon.

Selina moseyed.  She made sure the guy would keep up. He was welcome to come along and Selina had a show-stopper in mind.

Selina was certain of him, probably before he was certain, himself. She took it slow, not wanting to waste time on a ‘maybe’ stalker. She let three days pass before she started planning.

On the fourth day, Selina tested him by taking another way home from work. She knew a fair amount of self defense and her studies went further than knowing how to fight off a stalker. Selina’s extensive training included learning the fine art of stalking and that led to the finer art of anti-stalking or losing a tail.

Sure enough, the guy confirmed Selina’s suspicions when he drove right past her in his white car.

A self review gave up no clues about why the stalker had chosen her. She could not think of a single behavior that might have caught his eye. She had been kind to everyone so she was certain she had not offended him. It didn’t matter. Selina was going to own him.

Selina glanced at the handgun on the passenger seat beside her and pulled back into the flow of traffic. True to bad ideas, the stalker was parked just down the block when she pulled into her driveway.

Selina tucked the gun into the back of her pants before walking to her front door. She let him watch her turn the lock on her front door.

-to be continued-

Drop by next week for part two of Fiction Friday – Stalking.

Don’t touch anything sharp!


By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


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