Don’t Look Ethyl – Hacked by Hacker

I tell people, don’t open that email that starts with a link.  If you have to open it, resist clicking the link. Don’t become a click jack or hacked by hacker victim.

a cat protecting the keyboard hacked by hacker attack
We Call her Emma

I was a hapless victim of click jacking, recently.  I know how it happened, I can retrace my steps and thought at the moment the jacking occurred I was already there, right in the middle of it, no way out but a very quick exit and mass password changes.  But it was too late, remember that song about the streak?  Yes, Don’t Look Ethyl.  Too Late….

I have one helpful hint.  It is a big pain in the butt and memory, change your passwords.  Don’t let the password for you blog be the same one you use for FaceBook and Twitter and email and starting your computer.  Who does that?

“Mom, how do I get into NetFlix?”

“Try the usual and if that doesn’t work try the other one.”

When you type in the following words “hack, click jack, ejack, how to” on ‘google’  you are directed to sites that among other things will tell you how to gather sperm from a dog.  Variations on the search let to a lot of information for hackers to learn how and some of them are at youtube and many are targeted at FaceBook.  Refine that search if you want to learn how to avoid it but you won’t find the hackers giving up protection tips. 

 So, everything was going okay.

I am learning html and css in my spare time.  I was just past the Anchor Links and moving on to the next part.  I thought I’d check in on one of my websites.  It isn’t a site I talk about a lot, it is on idle.  I hooked it into a Wordpess template and stalled out on its revival.


Cigarette smoking, thugs with a keyboard and nothing to do…

I went to the site, and the site’s index page had been replaced with a tag.. like one of our cigarette smoking, pumpkin eating deer would leave.

“Hacked by Hacker”



Like I said, it has been a long time since I shook the front door of that site or peeked in the window.

Hacked by Hacker happened last year in mid-November and was aimed at cpanel sites.  I think it had something to do with symlinks.  No, I only have an idea about how those things work, I am learning html formatting and css, not code and programs and obviously not ‘best hacking practices.’

It isn’t so much that I got hacked.  The point is, anyone stumbling up to my Tarot Reading Shop over the past six months has seen only the tired graffiti left by ‘the hacker.’ 

I’m having the site reset to an earlier than November save.  I was planning to run my html – css experiments over there.  I probably will after it is up again, after all, no one looks at it.  I don’t even look.

It does explain why no one has asked for a tarot reading in such a long time, the card of the day was always free.  You know, I had no email accounts over there either, the hacker must have deleted those accounts as well.

The only hint I have for this one is to keep back-ups of your sites and at least visit them once in awhile to see if some keyboard toting deer from my neighborhood has been there and left his mess-age…

And if you do nothing else to protect yourself, today, don’t touch anything sharp.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


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