Silence – Fiction Friday

Welcome to Fiction Friday.  

This week I am offering what looks very much like a poem.  Enjoy and visit next week to see what I come up with, next.


 This is a photo of a yellow school bus.
A School Bus

It is the single tear

Batted away as she gathers up her homework.

It is the little boy pulling up his bed-clothes

As his parents shout in the other room.

It is the man who holds his woman’s hand

As the IV drips into her arm.

It is the couple

Joined together at their first date place signing the divorce papers.

It is the blond girl

Tugging at her sleeves and skipping gym class to hide her bruises.

It is the mother who looks away

When her angry son takes the car keys.

It is

The sound of silence.



Link to the Photo of the Yellow School Bus found through a Google Free School Bus Picture search.


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By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


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