Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Sonnet O’dell

This Week Sonnet O’dell is going to tell us about her February Release entitled Mistakenly Mated.  

Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Sonnnet O’ Dell.

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1.                   What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale?

I don’t know if any of my marketing results in sales. I try my hardest with things, doing as many promotional items as I can afford, I make trailers, I post in many different forums, I’m always talking about my books to anyone that will listen. However I have never had anyone come back to me and say, I saw such and such and it made me buy your book.
2.                   What do you like about your publisher or why did you decide to Self Publish?

I like Eternal Press because they took the risk, they took a chance on me and I hope they don’t regret it. I like the all the authors/staff at EP are so helpful to one another, they pick you up when your down and they encourage you when you’re struggling. It’s a bit like having an extended family.
3.                   What do you have under your bed?

Dust and Plot bunnies. The gap under my bed is very tiny. Its one of those ones with the draws built into it. I imagine the bunnies hide behind there, wait till I’m asleep and then pounce of my brain.
4.                   Are you a plotter or a pantser when you are writing?

I always do a basic plot, y’know what I want to happen and a basic order I want it to happen in but it can be re written and chucked out the window all together if the flow of the book takes me in a different direction.
5.                   Do you write in a bubble or do you prefer critique groups, writing buddies or other companionship during the process?

I don’t often let people in to the process, so I guess I write in a bubble a little bit. However that said I do often ask for help when it comes to things like the blurb. I’ve never been very good at writing them and having another person go over it and tell me whether it makes them want to read the book or not helps me refine it and make it better.
6.                   When do ideas come to you and how do you capture them?

My best ideas usually come in my sleep. I wake up and have to write it down immediately or else I forget them. I keep a notepad close at hand so I can make sure not to lose a one. Other ideas however strike me like lightening out of nowhere. That’s when I’m glad I have a memo app on my phone.
7.      What is your favorite word processing program and what other tools do you use, pen, notebooks, white board, index cards, finger on fogged bathroom mirrors?
I’ve always wanted a white board to map out ideas, create a complex web like on CSI but alas they are out of my financial reach. I tend to use word mostly, but recently I’ve found myself going back to old fashioned pen and paper. There is something grittier I think about scrawling away into a notepad until the wee hours, also it’s a lot easier on the eyes.


Sonnet was born at the John Radcliffe in Oxford and spent the first six years of her life living in the town of Abingdon close to both her grandparents and most of the rest of her family. She moved after that to Cornwall for three years and then to Devon for another three before moving to where she has lived for the last fourteen or so years. Sonnet now lives in Worcester, Worcestershire, famous for Lea & Perrin’s Sauce and as the site for the last battle of the Civil War. Sonnet has had a passion for the written word from a very young age and enjoys nothing more than to read a good book. The worlds created by words.



email: sonnetodell@hotmail.com

 Mistakenly Mated Cover Art
Mistakenly Mated


Kerry never expected to have a mate among her own kind. White wolves, like her, are considered cursed.

When curiosity gets the better of Kerry, she becomes the mate of the handsome Caleb and her future takes a dramatic turn. They crave each other through a bond that after a month will be unbreakable and they have till then to get to know each other.

Surviving that month is the only problem! Someone is out to kill Kerry, but who and why?

Available from Eternal Press 1st Feb 2013
Buy Link: http://www.eternalpress.biz/people.php?author=365

Caleb leaned down and took her mouth in a fierce kiss, she melted into his kiss parting her plump lips to allow his tongue to taste inside. The same peppery scent that clung to her skin, that was unique to her was also inside her mouth, it was like licking flames as he kissed her. When he broke it, he was gasping as if he’d been walking for days in the desert and needed some cool water to sooth his ravage tongue.

“I take it that, that’s your version of hello.” Kerry was a little breathy herself as she spoke but her lips were curved into a very pleasant smirk.

“Hello Kerry,” he said in his deepest sexiest voice. He watched her shudder and delighted in it. His hand ran down her shoulder, curving around her breast prepared to induce shivers in her another way when she stepped back from him. He looked puzzled.

“Don’t be so hasty,” she said and turned her back on him. He watched the line of the dress as it lay over her buttocks and had to appreciate the view. She was being playful. Kerry looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled very warmly at him.

“But then again,” she said pushing the dress so that it fell from her shoulders, sliding like a fabric waterfall over his skin, till it pooled at her feet. “I want to see if you’re really as fast as I remember.” Kerry threw her body forward landing on her four paws as a white wolf. Caleb took time to admire her in this form too. Her coat wasn’t pure white; there were undertone of cream around the eyes and in the scruff under and around her neck, her back paws were the same as if she were wearing wolf sized shoes. Her tail was full and bushy, flowing up from the end of her spine almost like that of a Persian cat. Her eyes were clear Arctic blue in her wolf form but they were far from cold. She strolled around him assessing his human form with her wolf eyes and then bit him in the bottom. Caleb yelped and stumbled forward, turning to face her and her wolfy grin. Oh yes, he thought, very playful.

“Oh that’s it,” he said stripping out of his shirt. “You’ve really asked for it now.”


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By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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  1. I get many of my story arcs from dreams also. This shifter story sounds great! Yet another to add to my TBR list. I’ll need to live past 100 to read all that I want to read, not to mention writing all that I want to write!

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