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Halloween Pop Up House
I am a card stock and glue pop up house from a child’s Halloween Pop Up book.

Most of the time I am kept folded on the shelf. Spine facing out of course.

I am the center bit of the book. The Center of Attention, I mean to say. Who wouldn’t want to be the center of attention?

I am a typical haunted house with a full moon popping up behind me, a bat popping in front of the moon. Some parts rise up from the side, I think it creeped the kid out when he first got me.

There is a big tree in front and I have a front part with a bay window, just behind is the main part of the house and set behind that is the attic space. I am oddly three dimensional. I don’t know the words because I’ve only been read to a few times.

I think once, three years passed and I sat on the shelf.

I was rediscovered, leafed through and sat with myself all proud and tall on top of the night stand for a few weeks.

One day a family gathering of some sort brought little kids into the house. Their house, not mine. The mom remembered me in a moment of trying to get the small visitors out from under foot.

She asked the boy if he could find that Halloween book, you know, she prompted, the one that pops up? Bring it out to the living room and show it to the kids.

So, the boy brought me out. The little brat lets oood and awed and one began to roughly flip my pages. The boy swooped in and said to treat the book kindly, he had had it a long time. The kids quieted.

Then out of nowhere a slobbery chubby hand grabbed the upper story the attic tower bit of me and tore it almost all the way off.

The boy was astonished and horrified at the tearing and quickly snapped me closed and skittered off to his room.

He laid me gently on the bed side table and went out to the junk drawer for some tape. His mother apologized for the little ones and that made no sense to either of us because the mom certainly didn’t come at me with wet wrecking ball hands.

The boy put tape on me front and back lining the paper up as near perfect as he could get it. My tower is still a bit crumpled and the tape has changed to a sticky yellow color.

He put me on the shelf that day, a very high shelf and until today, I had not been off the shelf for probably seven Halloweens.

I am a pop up haunted house story book complete with a full moon a tree and a bat.

I heard people are beginning to read a lot of books rendered on electronic pages on devices carried in pockets, purses and backpacks. Someone suggest it was going to be the end of paper books and I would like to and I do insist, you cannot get an electronic book to pop up with all the creepy and wonderfulness that a good old fashioned pop up book can offer.

I do not think we will go away. I think pop up books whatever our scenes will become treasures.

I am a well loved pop up Halloween house. Haunted House, complete with the tree, full moon and the bat.
__Pop Up House

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.