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Adult Content Warning (Although I see Nothing really Hot on this page please be advised that the book is erotica.)

This week our Writerly Wednesday Guest has a rather hot book.

Welcome Cornelia Amiri to Writerly Wednesday.


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Bio: Drawing on her love of a happy ending, Cornelia Amiri is the author of 16 published romance books, known for her Celtic/paranormal tales written under her name, she also writes Steampunk/romances under the pen name of Maeve Alpin. Cornelia is inspired by her muse, Severus the Cat, who always lounges beside or (when Cornelia’s not looking) on top of her laptop. She, Severus, her son, and her granddaughter all live in Texas, you can often find her at local Steampunk and Sci-fi cons and Celtic Festivals.

Vampire Highland Fling

Blurb Vampire Highland Fling
Cornelia Amiri
Second in the Dancing Vampires series.
Murdina, a dark vampiric fey, hunts the Scottish Highlands for a man, but not for blood—Murdina wants love. She spots Cameron playing the bagpipes, and when a strong wind lifts his kilt, she takes a good look and decides he’s the one.

When Cameron meets a beautiful, mysterious woman who dances the Highland fling for him, his blood boils for her. Soon Murdina and Cameron are doing more than dancing. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they discover true love, but their time together is limited before Murdina’s fey sisters cross the portal to steal her back and probably kill him. Is their love strong enough to overcome the threat her sisters pose to Murdina’s heart and to Cameron’s life?


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She hated to do it but she had no choice and she had to act now before her sisters killed Cameron. Stretching her arms into the air, she began a spell.
“To stop you, sisters mine
I halt your chase
I cast a spell of time
He’s off at a fast pace
While you freeze in place
Now outpaced.”
She shuddered as a surge of energy racked her body. All five of her sisters stood frozen in place, unable to move.
They’d be furious. She’d never hear the end, but she had to save Cameron. She couldn’t imagine any harm coming to him on her account. She couldn’t imagine any harm coming to him at all. It would break her heart.
Of course, her secret was probably out. As he thought over the events of tonight, it was likely he’d come to realize she was a baobhan sith. Then he’d make sure to never come near her again, afraid she’d drink all his blood. She didn’t want that. Even now she wanted to see him again, and he had left only a few minutes ago.
Her sisters became animated once more. They held up their hands, now transformed to talons, and scraped them through the air in front of her face as if threatening to dig her eyeballs out.
She felt a flutter of fear but remembered herself. “I am your sister. You cannot harm me.”
“Where is he?” Baring her teeth, Tearlag’s eyes squinted in anger.
“Gone.” She tried to stay calm, appear as if she didn’t care. “He is only one. Not enough for all of us.” She set her hand on her hip. “I have been looking for men and found no one on this road but him. They all drive cars now. Few walk anymore. The pickings are not what they used to be.”


1. In three days, all power will go off, everywhere for a very long time. What will you include in your author survival kit? 1.Flash light and batteries, 2. Lots of pens and paper to write, 3. lots of books to read, 4. Camera to take pictures of anything unusual that happens in the dark so I can blog about it when the lights come on, and 5. Lots of chocolate.

2. Where did the idea for the work you are promoting arise?
I am intrigued by Scottish folk tales of Celtic vampiric fey roaming the Highlands, the baobhan sith (baa’-van shee), also called the dancing vampires. They come from underhill once a year, usually stop a man coming back from the pub, dance with him until he’s exhausted then their nails transform to talons and they claw him and drink his blood.

3. What do you like to read? I like to read Steampunk/romance, paranormal/romance, and fantasy/romance the most.

4. Tell us about the most exciting place you have ever visited? I don’t get to do a lot of world traveling though I would like to. I do go to a lot of conferences and conventions that are exciting. Last weekend I went to Space City Con in Houston and I found it so thrilling as I attended a Q & A of Nichelle Nicholas, who played Lieutenant Uhura in Star Treck. She spoke of her recent meeting in the oval office with President Obama and how it came about and she spoke of that famous picture of her and president Obama giving the Vulcan Live, Long, and Prosper salute. She also spoke of recruiting women and minorities for the space program back when NASA didn’t think she could find them one qualified person from those ranks and she got them so many qualified recruits they couldn’t take just one, and I believe she said they took 5 women, 3 African American men, and one Asian American man. The president of the con presented her with a proclamation from the City of Houston making August 9th Nichelle Nicholas Day. It was wonderful.

5. What is the most mundane, day to day, thing you can share about yourself? My cat, Severus, walks on my lap top keyboard as I try to write and shuts it off, all the time.

6. What scares you the most? I get scared pretty easy. I’m good with suspense but I can’t read books or watch movies that have to do with slasher type horror.

7. Tell us anything but keep it G rated.
I love to dress up in Steampunk costumes and go to Cons and take pictures of other people dressed up in costumes.

I wonder who I have scheduled for next week?

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Thanks Miss Cornelia for being my guest!

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