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Bob Nailor

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Bob Nailor’s latest novel release is “Three Steps: The Journeys of Ayrold” through Amazon.com and prior release of “2012: Timeline Apocalypse” (Oct 2010 from 23 House Publishing). He has many short stories on the internet and is a contributing author to several anthologies including “Guide to Writing Paranormal,” “Mother Goose is Dead,” “Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology,” “Nights of Blood 2” which he co-edited with Elyse Salpeter, “Firestorm of Dragons,” “The Complete Guide to Writing Science Fiction” which he received an EPPIE award, “The Fantasy Writer’s Companion,” and several others. Coming soon is “Guide to Writing Horror.” In addition to writing, Bob also does seminars on the art of writing having taught a class at Lourdes College in
Toledo, OH, assisting with the Maumee Valley Writers Conference for 3 years and being the coordinator of the NW Ohio Writers Conference for two. He also has done writing seminars at conferences, libraries and writer group meetings. Bob’s usual writing genres are fantasy, science fiction, horror and adventure. He lives in NW Ohio. Bob has a website at http://www.bobnailor.com which lists all his books and stories.


It is Wednesday, December 12, 2012. In nine days the Mayan calendar ends and an apocalyptic disaster will befall mankind. Ironically, the fate of the world is in the hands of Barry Hargrove, detective non-extraordinaire, who is in search of a relic he knows as the Baton of Time, and whose importance he does not fully comprehend.

Take a trip to the lush, equatorial jungles of Palenque, to the ruins once know as L’akam Ha where a ghostly Mayan priest/chief known as Chac Tun B’alam rules today. There are many secrets to be revealed from an unlikely group of people: a skeptical doctor, a sexy newscaster, a small Mayan street urchin, a shaman, and a mysterious housekeeper. They must somehow work together to align the forces of the Mayan calendar, and save our world.

Ancient history and legendary Mayan gods – K’ul’ulkan, Ah Pukah, K’inich Ahua – come alive in today’s world as our solar system passes the center of the Milky Way in December 2012. The star, planet Venus, dies and The Pleiades, the center of creation, will be a part of the harmonic universal lines.

2012: Timeline Apocalypse is not a typical doomsday disaster, but a tale interwoven with the myths and legends of the Mayan calendar, and its curious end-date. Can our civilization be saved? Only in Palenque, at the ruins of L’akam Ha, city of the ancient chief K’inich Janahb’ Pacal, can the true meaning of the calendar be deciphered. if time does not run out first.


I heard a cry, looked up and there in a ray of sunshine, a bird spread its wings in a stretched arc above its head. He had his red crest completely fanned out and it radiated in the sunlight. The tips of the feathers, both in the wings and the fanned tail were aglow, the colors iridescent in the morning light. My heart lifted at the sight. It appeared the bird was about to ignite and burst into flame like the legendary phoenix being reborn.
“Magnificent, isn’t it?” Montoya whispered behind me.
“Stunning,” I replied softly not wanting to break the magic.
“It is a moment like that when an Mayan priest realizes the fullness of communing with the creatures of the forest. You and I are of the modern world, the one filled with hustle and bustle, steel and concrete; but if you allow yourself to drift back a thousand years and know nothing but nature; what would you think.” Montoya asked.
It was an instantaneous thought. “An omen,” I whispered knowing full well it was the answer he was searching for.
“It is still an omen today,” he said. “That is the Northern Royal Flycatcher and is sacred. Now, look beyond to the next tree. Do you see it? The red breasted bird in iridescent blue-greens and those two long tail feathers? It’s called a quetzal.

One of he rarest birds in the jungle and most sacred to the Mayans.” Montoya waved his hand in an arc at the trees. “Now it is up to me, a priest of the Mayans, to decipher what this very fortuitous omen is. Come, let us talk.”
He motioned me toward the ruins. We crossed the small growth of jungle which hid the road from the ruins. Suddenly the path turned and again, like before, the ruins spread before me with all their splendor gleaming in the early morning light. I could see Benita and the kids moving toward the palace. A few other tourists wandered the grounds. A cool, early morning breeze tickled my neck then was quickly replaced by the heat of the rising sun.
“Appears to be another hot day,” I said hoping to break the silence.




1. Since the power went off for me several years ago for approximately two days, I have a little more respect for the olden days when I was a child of the 50s. What would I, as an author have ready? I touch-type so I’d make sure I had an old manual typewriter and a ream or two of paper, some of that white crap used to correct typing errors (I don’t make a lot, but do make some!), a couple of typewriter erasers and a 24pk of batteries for my cassette player. Of course, if I had the luxury of a generator, well, I’d just open the office window, plug in my laptop and type away but I don’t have one, so I am more realistic. When we lost power that time we made sure the freezer was kept closed to keep the food frozen — we should have ate the ice cream, it melted away — well, doh!

2. All the hype of 2012, a video about the Mayan ruins and after watching a lot of crappy 2012 end-of-the-world movies … I figured I could write a better story. If my readership is a baromter of truth; I guess it was better.

3. I enjoy a good, solid science fiction, fantasy or horror read. I like the epics of my youth when I read Henry Rider Haggard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Howard, and Fritz Leiber where heroes were heroes, dark stories weren’t guts and gore and there was still a mystery to the world and space.

4. My mind cuz it continues to amaze me.

5. I’m retired, I write. Waking up each morning and finding out I’m still breathing is a high point in my day.

6. Reading my stories after they hit print and seeing all the glaring errors I made.

7. I enjoyed being a clown, doing magic, face painting and all that but now I’m getting too old and crotchety so I just enjoy getting out in traffic with my car and being that old fart driving 15mph in a 30mph zone just to tick off some young person. Yup! That’s me in front of you!

 “2012: Timeline Apocalypse” Buy Link 


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Thanks Bob for being this week’s guest!

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By Sally

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  1. Wow, I’m an Anthropologist and a writer and I thought about doing a book on the Dec.21, 2012 end of world thing but I thought there would be too many.However, yours seems very interesting to me. Did you know that according to the Mayan’s the world ended 5 times before this time but was reborn? That was one of the reasons they and later the Aztecs’s sacrificed so many people. They were sure it made the sun come up everyday. They were scared of not paying attention to the moon too. Their civilization rivaled European cities. I love your book and must get a copy and read it. Your interview was great.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

  2. Dina: That is why my story deals with the supposed end-of-time but trust me, it is not anything like the movie. I put a different slant on it. I tie a lot of the legends and myths together with historical facts to create my piece of fiction.

  3. Hi Bob-Your book sounds right up my alley. I’m fascinated with doomsday, End of Days, prepping, etc. The Mayan and Hopi claims to fame are interesting, but I prefer the good old Bible-no one knows the day or the hour, and all of that. I do believe the end is near, not 2012 near, but near. My prediction-New World Order will form and the ‘haves’ will get rid of the useless and the ‘havenots.’ Great post! Good luck with your book! Dina Rae

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