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Kerri Williams is our Writerly Wednesday Author. Welcome Kerri.

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Writerly Wednesdays:   Kerri Williams

Kerri Williams and her Books!

Kerri is an Australian Author with a love for romance and suspense so it was no wonder this love spilled out onto the pages of her novels~TAKING BACK HIS WIDOW & her latest NUDGING CUPID published by Eternal Press.
Kerri lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia) with the luxury of the lush country with its rolling green and golden hills and the coast with its sparkling sea and clean beaches at her doorstep. With such beauty readily available it made it easy to incorporated what Australia has to offer in her novels scenery.

She has been writing on and off since she was sixteen when she met the love of her life-her dear husband, and between having two beautiful daughters Kerri kept on writing with the dream of sharing her love for all things romance and suspense with other readers.

Kerri is also an active member of RWA- Romance Writers of Australian and hosts many world known Authors and up-coming writers within their blog, Blog Bites.

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Taking Back His Widow

Blurb: Taking Back His Widow:

When Livinia Jacobs grudgingly ran from the love of her life with his child in her womb into the arms of another man, she never thought she’d see Dean Stone again.

Eleven years later, she finds herself widowed in a picturesque little coastal town of Queensland and her past has come back to haunt her.

Livinia was completely aware of her lack of control in Dean’s presence. Heck; that was half the attraction in the first place, but her secret kept her feet firmly on the ground and her heart guarded from the once youthful dream of a future with him.

Dean forgot the most important thing of all about Livinia, she was his addiction. Ten minutes with her and he was craving her touch again, wanting to hold her, to feel her soft naked skin against his, to kiss those supple, pink lips. Hell, he wanted her period.

But can he forgive her and prove to her he’s no longer the scared boy he once was, but now the man she needed him to be- a man she could trust with her heart- no matter the sacrifice.

She tried to say his name. The words were there- Dean Stone. Only her throat restricted the sound.

“I knew it was you,” he said.

She wasn’t sure, but she thought she heard a hint of triumph or possibly accusation in his tone.

“It’s been a long time, Livinia.”

“Dean.” It came out in a whisper and more like a question then a statement.

After all this time, why is he here?

There was something tugging at her mind, something important that she knew she should be more worried about than anything else. But her mind wouldn’t cooperate.

Before she could decipher what it was that was so important, Dean’s voice invaded the fog.

“Is that all you have to say to me?”

The dark challenging look in his eyes made her blood simmer within her veins. Even in the dim light of the stations security lights, she found herself glued to his vivid brown eyes.

Once upon a time, she would have bathed in their brilliant depths with love and passion, allured like a deer to head lights.

Now, sadly and dangerously, was no different.

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1. In three days, all power will go off, everywhere for a very long time. What will you include in your author survival kit?

Why is it I’m never prepared with a clever answer for this one, hmm. I would include a box of notebooks and a mass of pens. Really, I think that’s all you need; that and your imagination.

2. Where did the idea for the work you are promoting arise?

I had joined a writers challenge called 50k in 30days, it’s a time where you don’t have a lot of time to mull over details and you just write. So in order to do that, you write what you know instead of what you have to research and so I based this story in a small fishing town alike the one we used to live in called Tin Can Bay. It was amazing how easy it took off once I began.

3. What do you like to read?

I love anything with a happy ending but I adore a series where you’re utterly involved in the characters for longer period of time.

4. Tell us about the most exciting place you have ever visited?

I know this is going to sound a tad lame but I would say Sea World. Hubby, the kids and I stayed at Sea World Resort which backed onto the park and we could visit as many times as we liked. We paid for a close up encounter where first thing in the morning before the park opened we could feed and pat the sea lions, experience the shark tour which I declined the dive and feed option to the dismay of my husband. And then we got to the best one- the dolphins where we fed and got them to do some tricks and things. It was fantastic! We want to go back.

5. What is the most mundane, day to day, thing you can share about yourself?

Bah, that would be the washing up. I really, really, detest the washing up and yet to buy a dishwasher although I promise myself one every birthday, xmas, anniversary and even easter. Maybe this Christmas 😀

6. What scares you the most?

Trivial: spider and snakes and of course there’s the sharks. Once, I was towing the kids on their boogie board through the water by pulling the leg rope when I saw a shadow following us to the side and freaked the hell out screaming shark while pulling the kids faster back towards the shore. It was moments later after I made such a fuss that I realised it was a shadow off casted from the boogie board.

I can hear you laughing from here but I tell you, it was so bleeping scary at the time.

7. Tell us anything but keep it G rated.

I’m a tv series Junky! Bones, Sons Of Anarchy, Supernatural, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica- you get my point. I think this is why I have begun to write a series, it’s harder than I thought but I’m loving the intricacy of the plots and characters and their growth in the journey.

Thank you Sally for having me here today and I’m offering a pdf giveaway of my novel Taking Back His Widow to a lucky person who leaves a comment.
Good luck!

Thank you Kerri Williams for letting me display you like this, fears, tv series addictions and your Sea World experience.

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Thanks to everyone for returning each week.  Thanks to so many of you for accepting my offer to be a guest.  Now, leave a comment and don’t touch anything sharp.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. Hi just wanted to say that I look forward to reading your book and I think it’s fantastic that there seems to be a few more Australian writers coming out. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Hi Kez and Sally, lovely blog. Tin Can Bay is fabulous and I love series too. I’m finding I’m beginning to have at least one character from the last book peek into the next story just for fun. And Sea world, then. Next hols for the grandies.
    By the way, Sally. I LOVE your CAPTCHA box. The first one that made me smile. I want one like that, made me think of humpty dumpty, and you can read it without a headache, for my web page. xx Fi

  3. Kaz, I’m taking you up on the offer of the smarties!
    Dina, I want to swim with the dolphins too. We have a an aquarium park here I could do it with, Its on my bucket list.
    Rebecca, I’m glad you came back and it’s really nice to hear of your stalking habbits on ep. lol. I do it too.
    Sally, never even thought of a type writer. lol

    Thank you guys for popping over.

  4. Thanks for an interesting interview S and K. (Hey, sounds like MIB!) I’d go for a typewriter, I think. My handwriting is woeful.

  5. I was on Eternal Press the other day and kept coming back to this book. I’m eager to read it – sounds like the type of story I will fall in to. By the way, I love Sea World too, although I haven’t been there in years. There doesn’t seem to be a big demand for them in the desert.

  6. Hey Kerri,
    I’d pack exactly what you packed – the lappie would be useless without power. Even my brand new sparkly lime green Sony (why didn’t they make on in hot pink?? sob)only has a battery life of 2 hours…

    However, I would also have to add a 30k bag of Smarties, a truckload of DC and my friend’s stepmother. The first two are sustenance and the second is for never-ending supply of ice. That woman could turn anything to ice with that stare. Chilled DC on tap!
    🙂 And I’ll share…

    Honey, taking Back His Widow sounds fabulous and I wish you such success. Hugs! ??

  7. HI Kerri i’m here to cheer on the Aussie writers!!!! Nothing wrong with Sea World- although the American one might be just a tad bigger than ours I’m thinking! If the power goes off, I’m sticking with you-I can never find a pen that works in my house!

  8. Love Sea World! Probably spent a hundred bucks in fish feeding the sea lions and dolphins! If I ever had the money, would love to swim with the dolphins in that hotel in Hawaii!!!! Great post and your book sounds fantastic! Dina Rae

  9. Margaret, like I said, I never have a clever answer for that one. I think I should take notes when I read posts. lol
    Linda, Seaworld, sci-fi, series writer- you’re my doppelganger aren’t you. lol. Only piece of advice I have to share for a series that I have learnt is was you already have too. I have a six split notebook for characters, quotes, plot hints (real killer), car brands, research pieces and links etc. It has saved my life I tell ya.
    Good luck Linda, it’s a harder road but if you love a series as much as I than it’s worth it.

    Thank you for dropping by and good luck!

  10. Wow, I just thought what my author survival kit was. My handbag size lappy, my 3 G Dong and glasses….I’m hot to trot anywhere now lol Great post. Love reading about your new book. Good Luck with it.

  11. I loved Sea World too. It was better than Disney. I am a scifi freak and I see you like them too. I Ike your comments and I want to read your book so I hope I win a copy. Writing a series is so hard just how do you keep up with all the past facts? I find I forget it all and have to write notes to myself all the time on just one book. It must be very hard but I want to try so any inside information would be appreciated. And remember speak loud and slowly I’m a little slow here.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls

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