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Welcome Mary McCall!  Better Late than Not at All!  I forgot to send Mary an email with the guidelines and questions, DOH, last night I realized I saved the draft and didn’t hit the Send Button.  


Highland Promise

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Mary McCall has been telling stories all her life. Now she writes Historical Romantic Comedy set mainly in the medieval Highlands and England. She is a member of Romance Writers of America; Hearts Through History Romance Writers; Celtic Hearts Romance Writers; The Golden Network; River City Romance Writer; Faith, Hope & Love, Inc. She has won or placed in over 43 historical romance contests and is a past Golden Hearts finalist. She loves history, has a particular fondness for the Greek through Medieval periods, and is glad research for her books has finally utilized her ability to speak Ecclesiastical Latin. Mary resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her Maltese, Regina Benita Catariona, who runs the apartment. Visit her website www.marymccall.net or e-mail her mary@marymccall.net.

A handsome meets the hag tale of love and revenge.
Ordered by King Alexander to wed an Englishwoman, Laird Brendan Sutherland heads to England to find and wed the sister of his best friend’s wife to settle a debt. He intends to beget a few heirs and forget the lass. He has no use for love, and among his clanswomen, he is known as Stoneheart.

After being falsely accused of the Sin of Eve when she was twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise becoming a hag in public. Due to a despicable penance given by a zealot priest, she believes she must enter a convent and live a life of penance or suffer perpetual damnation.

Learning her brother intends to ambush an approaching Highland party, Faith intercepts Brendan and his men and asks their aid in reaching the convent at Saint Bride. Brendan quickly sees through her disguise. Realizing she’s the woman he promised to wed, he agrees to take her with him when he goes home. After a court scandal, King Henry orders them to wed. Faith fears Brendan will never trust her when he learns of her deception. As they return to the Highlands with a killer on their trail, Brendan discovers he can’t remain aloof from the woman destined to restore his faith in love.


“Quick, Heather.” She sat on the side of the bed to pull on her stockings and lace up her short boots. “Hand me my plaid and tell me how to say ‘have a safe journey and hurry home, laird’ in Gaelic.”
Faith rolled her eyes. At eight years old, Heather was at the age where she demanded to know everything whether it was any of her business or not. She shouldn’t give in to the child, but didn’t want to miss Brendan. “I wish to give my husband a proper farewell and remind him of an important duty he neglected.”
“You think to instruct Bren on his duty?”
“I most certainly do.”
Heather flashed an impish grin and handed over the plaid. Then she spoke the phrase in Gaelic. Faith wrapped her plaid about her while repeating the difficult words three times just to be sure she had them right. Heather declared she had spoken them perfectly.
“Which way to the stables?” Faith asked, tying on her belt to hold her plaid in place.
“Out the rear of the keep and to the left.” Heather rushed past her to the door. “I will take you, but do you know your plaid is a jumbled mess?”
“Well, this is the best I can do right now.” Faith hastily combed her fingers through her hair and tugged open the door. “Besides, if I do not hurry, I shall miss Brendan.”
They rushed from the chamber with Dog on their heels and found their way blocked by Michael. Faith tried to push past him, knowing his presence meant Brendan might already be gone. The need to reach him before he left was growing into panic, though she wasn’t sure why. Lord, help her, was she angry or worried? “Let me pass, Michael.”
The warrior crossed his arms over his chest. “The laird said you were to rest.”
“But I must see him off,” she insisted. “‘Tis a wife’s duty.”
“Aye, Michael,” Heather chimed in. “She wishes to bid him farewell in Gaelic.” She tugged on Faith’s hand and pushed the big warrior’s belly.
Michael rolled his eyes and stepped to the side of the corridor, gesturing with a wave of his arm for them to pass. “This I have to hear.”
Faith rushed down the steps and outside the keep with Heather, Dog, and Michael behind her. When she arrived at the stables, Brendan was riding his black stallion toward a forest trail accompanied by Roland, Tormey, Douglas, and Cleit. Luthias walked toward her from the direction of the stable. She thought her husband’s appearance odd for some reason, then realized he wore a plaid of muted green, brown, and amber. She liked his other colors better, but didn’t have time to ponder why he had changed. He was getting away.
“Brendan, wait!” She lifted her hem and ran toward him.
He drew rein and glanced her way. A frown thundered across his brow. “Why are you not resting?”
“‘Tis my duty to see you off, and you wound my heart by not telling me you are leaving.” She halted beside him just as a sneeze burst from her. She searched her sleeve for the linen square normally tucked there, then realized she had forgotten it in her haste, so she sniffed.
“Your heart will heal.” He tipped up her chin, and she got a good view of his intimidating glare. “Your most important duty is to get well.”
“Quit acting surly or you will spoil my surprise.” She grabbed his hand and held it between both of hers. She couldn’t suppress a grin. He was going to be so proud of her.
“What surprise?” he asked suspiciously.
Faith laced her fingers through his and rested her other hand on his thigh. Then she slowly struggled over each syllable of her Gaelic farewell. A pained expression crossed his face. She assumed her burr was in need of work. “I shall improve, Brendan.”
He shook his head and appeared incredulous. She thought he must be shocked by her determination to learn his language so soon. Silence settled about them, and she noticed his warriors appeared appalled.
She returned her gaze to Brendan. “Why do you not say anything? I know I need to work on my burr, but I did practice—”
“Faith, do you know what you just said to me?”
“Have a safe journey and hurry home, laird?” she asked and heard the worry in her own tone.
Brendan shook his head. Giggles slipped from the young lass behind her. Lord, help her, Heather must have told her the wrong words as a prank.
“That is what I meant to say,” she whispered.
Heather burst into laughter. “You should have seen your face, Bren.”
“You can expect to discuss this when I return,” he warned.
Heather shrugged, obviously not worried over retribution that was days away.
Faith groaned. “What did I say?”
“You told me …


1. In three days, all power will go off, everywhere for a very long time. What will you include in your author survival kit? Plenty of journals and #5 lead refills for my favorite Dr. Grip mechanical pencil. I write all my rough drafts by hand. My father’s manual typewriter. I was buying a brother electric typewriter when others were investing in word processors. The Apollo Program ended early, and I wanted to make sure that new-fangled equipment for writing wasn’t a passing fancy too. I’d also include Nutty Bars, Tab, a good Chianti, and Wagon Trail Chicken treats for my Maltese.

2. Where did the idea for the work you are promoting arise? In the hospital after a wreck, one of my characters insisted on it. I was planning to write a series about “gifted” MacKay women. When I finished the second book, the heroine insisted she had sisters who had other gifts. Past research and other things just fell into place for a series about four “sister” who are family by choice, like blood brothers.

3. What do you like to read? Romantic Fiction, Historical Fiction, some Mystery/Suspense, old dusty scrolls, anything research oriented toward topics of interest. My comfort reads are Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood and Johanna Lindsey – though others are being added.

4. Tell us about the most exciting place you have ever visited? I was an Air Force Brat, so I’ve been so many places from air shows to Europe to the Cumberland region to North Peak. I believe in enjoying the moment. The one exciting place that in retrospect wasn’t so great was New Orleans during Mardi Gras. It’s exciting the first time, especially if you get to wear a cockroach head and follow Jimmy Buffet down the street. By the second time, you notice the drunks answering natures call and friends throwing up, and wonder why it was so exciting. Now I love visiting New Orleans on any other day than Mardi Gras or Hurricane season.

5. What is the most mundane, day to day, thing you can share about yourself? I’m a night person.

6. What scares you the most? Not selling the next book.

7. Tell us anything but keep it G rated. I didn’t know I could sing until I was 27 years old and always mouthed the words to the Star Spangled Banner and Happy Birthday. Now I sing out loud.

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buy link: Sisters by Choice Book II: Highland Promise from Champagne Books:

prequel buy link: Highland Treasure from Eternal Press:

Mary McCall is our Eternal Press Queen of Sales at the Moment!  Awesome Work.  Everyone with a book to sell should begin cyber stalking Mary’s Promotions!

Thank You Mary for Letting Me Do this to YOU!

After you are done buying one or two of Mary McCall’s Books, my second novel, Milk Carton People came out yesterday at Eternal Press.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. Many apologies to Sally and Everyone who visited. I love Writerly Wednesdays and have felt so disconnected. Black mold attacked my apt building and we were evacuated over a month ago. I’ve been without my laptop – a victim of the mold. Barry the Wonderworker managed to save most of my files, but my internet link was restricted to wifi on a too little old phone I haven’t used in years. Hard to connect from the hospital. I thought I sent my editor a message from that phone about what was going on, but just realized it’s still in my draft box. Sally, so sorry I didn’t let you know.

    My promotion skills are terrible. I truly have to attribute my recent sales to readers who passed info on by word of mouth. Otherwise, I mostly play with readers on other sites and discuss books. I will admit the mold problem has totally messed me up over the last several months – even before we knew what the problem was and it hit my lungs. I have been having a fairly rapid decrease in stamina and memory. For a while I feared it was early alzheimers, but it’s mold. The memory regression has stopped but whether or not any will come back is considered doubtful and it has really slowed down my writing.

    The one thing I can say is that my second book, Highland Captive, essentially sparked sales for my first book Highland Treasure, which was the prequel to what turned into a series. I have tons of emails to answer, but most are asking when Book III of the series will come out. I need to really get writing because I’m only halfway down and should have finished it four months ago. The writing I did on it during the last several months is not what I want and I think the memory problems affected my writing. I’ve been wanting to have Barry make book trailers for me, so I’m considering what to do. Condidering some comments, I considered beginning with a bodice being ripped. lol.

    Linda, my second language is, ahem, Ecclesiastical Latin. I do translations for the Vatican archives upon occassion and am working on a 7th century scroll of 346 pages of very old sheephide with blots, notes in the margins, and no punctuation called the Sacred Lady or the Holy Chatalaine, depending upon how one translates it. The work is an unfinished draft of a venerable from Scotland. As far as Celtic, I must bow to Sharron Gunn. She is the Queen of Highland Research for Romance Authors and she speaks fluent Gaelic. She does a Gaelic class online as well. Right now, I’m trying to be careful not to include too many Gaelic, Latin, Greek, etc. phrases in my current wip. What most people do not know is that my current wip took three years to research and involved visits to the Roman Alps, Venice, Rome, Vatican City, parts of Greece, Scotland, the Smithsonian, and clan descendants in the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains. Since I obviously take so much creative license with history, this may sound extreme, but I must admit to wanting to choose what I take license on and if I get called on something, I want the right answer at hand. I must also admit that this story and the one after it could not have come together without the visits to Italy and Greece since they concern both Greek and Roman legacies. Visiting places like the labrynth or a fourth century glass factory still in operation is amazing and just sparks ideas.

  2. From one old timer to another…I’m so envious, but also proud and happy for you on you recent success selling your book. I wish you much happiness. You deserve it. Warmly,author and 2012 EPIC EBOOK AWARDS FINALIST NOMINEE for her romantic end-of-the-world horror novel THE LAST VAMPIRE-Revised Author’s Edition, Kathryn Meyer Griffith rdgriff@htc.net http://www.myspace.com./kathrynmeyergriffith http://www.authorsden.com/kathrynmeyergriffith

  3. I can’t wait to read your book, Mary, it sounds amazing. I know you will be a great success. You were always a woman of many skills and talents, and writing a Scottish romance was always at the top.

  4. Hi Mary!

    Congratulations on your success! Your books are fabulous! Keep them coming. My husband was brought in Memphis! And I’ve been there many times.

    Take care,


  5. You will so sell your next book! Great cover and story, not to mention Romance sells. So keep at it. it was wonderful to meet you and I can’t wait to check out your books.

  6. I want to congratulate Mary on her wonderful success and on her new book. It is exciting to read just he excerpts. Good Luck! And God bless.

    I also want to congratulate Sally on her new book. Good luck to both of you.

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