Writerly Wednesday Welcomes Karina Fabian and Neeta Lyffe Zombie Exterminator

Welcome Karina Fabian and Neeta Lyffe.  

Zombie Exterminator

I want to begin this Wednesday’s post by saying I have a stack of the coolest stickers, Neeta Lyffe’s Business Card and I’m offering to send them to anyone who leaves a comment on this post.  Of course I’ll get back to you by email to get your snail mail and you have to allow me time to put it into an envelope with a real live stamp and all.
Writer’s website: http://fabianspace.com

Zombie Death Extreme
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Bio: From zombie exterminators to dragon detectives to nuns in space, Karina Fabian’s universes make readers laugh, cry and think. Winner of the 2007 EPPIE Award for best sci-fi and the 2010 INDIE Award for best fantasy, she lets her characters take her where they will and is never disappointed. Karina Fabian is married to Colonel Robert Fabian. They and their four kids call home wherever the Air Force sends them. Learn more at www.fabianspace.com

Blurb: By the 2040s, the shambling dead have become and international problem. While governments and special interest groups vie for the most environmentally-friendly way to rid the world of zombies, a new breed of exterminator has risen: The Zombie Exterminator. When zombie exterminator Neeta Lyffe gets sued because a zombie she set afire stumbles onto a lawyer’s back porch, she needs money, fast. So she agrees to train apprentice exterminators in a reality TV show that makes Survivor look like a game of tag. But that’s nothing compared to having to deal with crazy directors, bickering contestants and paparazzi. Can she keep her ratings up, her bills paid and her apprentices alive and still keep her sanity?


1. In three days, all electricity is going to be shut off for a very long time. What items are you going to gather in preparation for this event?
Aside from the normal survival stuff–since I live in Utah, I’ll ask my Mormon friends for a list–I will pack lots of flashlights, batteries, card games and books.
2. Where did the idea for the work you are promoting arise?
It’s been so long, the details are fuzzy, but Colleen and I were talking about collaborating on a story, and the idea of vampire truckers came up. I’d written a story based on a rather funny Michael Longcor song about a truck-driving vampire, and Colleen wondered if we could take the idea in a different, more sinister, direction. So she started, sent me the file, I continued, and it evolved. It was such fun, we’re working on another one, this one about a priest who transports into the fairy dimension–but turns into a dragon in the process.
3. What do you like to read? Science fiction and fantasy, mostly, but I also dabble in a little of everything. I’m not fond of romances or literary fiction, however.
4. Tell us about the most exciting place you have ever visited? That’s a hard one! I’ve traveled to fourteen countries and lived in eight states–I’m not sure how many I’ve visited. I have loved every one. I think the most exciting was probably the tour I took to Egypt, Jordan and Israel, but was as much because of where I was in life–a soon-to-be college Junior going out of the country for the first time with near strangers (the tour group were all older couples, and my ancient history professor was leading the group).

5. What is the most mundane, day to day, thing you can share about yourself? I mopped my floor today.

6. What scares you the most? That I fail my children somehow.

7. Tell us anything but keep it G rated. The Writers’ Chat Room (which is not always a G-rated place but seldom past PG-13) is a terrific place for writers. I got the idea for Neeta Lyffe, Zombie Exterminator, there. Kim Richards, a long time member who became a publisher, started it with a call for a zombie anthology; Rebecca Butcher nagged me into writing a story, then when it was suggested I write a novel based on the character, yacking in the chat room gave me the ideas I needed to write it. I love this chat room and highly recommend it. (Sally is a mod there.) http://writerschatroom.com

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You thought we were done!  HA!  If everything works out right, here is a trailer and even more information.


For More Information: http://www.karinafabian.com/index.php?name=Content&pid=33
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Video Trailer YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8798Iyubocw
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From the publisher: http://www.damnationbooks.com/book.php?isbn=9781615722723
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Next week we will meet DV Berkom who wrote Bad Spirits.


Remember – comment and I’ll snail a Neeta Lyffe ‘business card.’  

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. Sally, thanks for hosting me!
    Ross, lots of physical comedy, quite a bit of grossness, and exploding cars. I don’t write grisly, and I think that Woody Allen would be depressed to have us compared, but maybe that’s redundant for him. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey, Karina,
    You seem to have a fascinatingly funny take on zombies, all right. Ever hear of a cult film by Troma studios called “Chopper Chicks in Zombietown,” released around 1990? That’s what this reminds me of. I just hope that amongst all the Woody-Allen-esque suffering of the heroine for comic effect, there’s still room for a lot of gory zombie-chopping, action scenes, and even grisly physical comedy.
    Salut, and see ya…!

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