What a World – What a World

What a world – what a world.

This week poverty dictated a simple celebration of my 17th Wedding Anniversary. Clifford and I were married on the 25th of October and our son was born the next morning. Sunday, our parrot, Molly, will celebrate Hatch Day and she will also have 17 years.

I have no pumpkins to show this year. 17 years ago, we waited too long, got married, had a baby and did not find a single pumpkin. Our daughter, aged 11, had to carry a green garish looking gourd. It was not a total loss, because the baby turned a deep orange color and cried a lot, earning him the name Boo!


Where does the time go?

I’ll tell you exactly where it goes, it drags when you have to wait. Any woman in her last month of pregnancy will tell you this. Anyone who waits in that second room at the doctor’s office will tell you that. But, time flies. My children are 17 years older, now. When did my daughter, ummm, start filling out? Is that hair, so fine and scattered growing on my son’s sweet little face?

Yesterday our local Straw Maze caught fire. Like buying pumpkins, I waited too long. The smaller left turn only maze is un ashed but the big one is gone. There is still a chance for a photo op for my novel. If I get us all out and about before another fire starts. According to my full grown daughter, one of the stores still has a few pumpkins. I don’t know, the gourd was cute and she was a witch that year.

What a World – What a World.

My NaNo Hat - aka "I'm Writing! Now, go away."

Time flies during NaNoWriMo. For my non-initiated readers, NaNo is National Novel Writing Month and thousands of writers toss their internal editors into the kennel and participate in a rip roaring month of bad – bad writing. The challenge is won when a writer reaches 50,000 words of horrid fiction by the end of November.

Time drags on during NaNoEdMo, an editing challenge that happens during March. I’ll tell you about EdMo in a few months.

What a World – What a World….

17 years in a nonstop fleeting, stammering, drawn out, dramatic, funny, productive, marriage and continuing parenthood. Almost 28 years of parenting, wait, 45 combined years of parenting, worry, joy, worry, surprise, happiness and did I say What a World? Thinking back to when I was 17, I have to confess, I never saw this coming.

Beware of fires in straw mazes, if you intend to NaNo, lay in a supply of food and to all of you who are out there chanting What a World, when you see the sign that says, “I’d turn back if I were You!” ignore it.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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