Dip Stickery

100_2839  You know when a guy lifts the hood to check the fluid levels?  He picks up a dip stick and wipes it with a rag.  Then he puts it into where ever he is checking, then eye balls it from this angle and that, then wipes it again.  He uncaps the next container of fluid under there and checks the stick again, wipes it and then checks the third fluid level. 


I’ve watched this from my vantage point for almost as many years as I have.  Always, wiping and plunging and wiping. 


Yesterday, my car was making an urrrrrrrurrrrr sound that got uuurrrrrrrier every time I turned the steering wheel.  I knew my car was low on power steering fluid and to drive around without power steering is not a good thing.  The exceptions on the back of my driver’s license say I have to have power steering, power brakes and hand controls. 


My darling husband had some birthday cake.  Then he went out, popped the hood and began the Dip Stickery Ceremony.  Wiping, plunging, wiping. 


Did you know a car had more than one dip stick? 


Well, I did not know. 


Now, I do.  I haven’t a clue about what these sticks are stuck into, but check this out. 

100_2841See that stick darting off to the right?  Now, check this out… 100_2842There is another one strutting it’s stuff to the left.  And if that doesn’t prove the multiple stick story, here is a third, very short stick.  100_2843


One final photo shows this is a Ford.  100_2844


I am glad to share my Dip Stickery News with you and hope you will share it with someone else.


Don’t touch anything sharp and visit again, soon. 

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. Hahaha, I’m laughing at both your story and Widdershins’s comment. I always thought there was a kind of mystique to that whole wiping the long slivery silvery thing too. I can feel your wonder when you finally understood there was more than one (sort of like when my daughter came to realize I had spares for her treasured bunny blankies?). Love reading your take on things, Sally.

    (I’ve been behind on all Internet-related things due to a work deadline, so please bear with me while I catch up!)

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