Winter and July

I think it has been raining for three days. Not a frog choking rain, not even a drizzle and I shouldn’t complain because a small drop in temperature would have given us three days of snow. Yes, it is May, but, it is May in southwest Montana. We have two seasons here… Wait for it…

Winter and July!

The conversation about the weather is over and I suppose I should tell you how busy it is during the days leading up to and away from a publisher’s release date, but who wants to hear me go on about the new books available at Eternal Press?

Revelations by Carrie Lynn Barker,
Another Way by Nancy Gaffney,
The Swashbuckling Yarn of Milady Vixen: Book 3 of the Storyteller’s Series by Christopher Newman,
Peace Love Music by Cornelia Amiri,
New Life by Dragon,
Killer Queen: The Hunted by Heather McAlendin

I awarded the April Contest Prize last week and put up a brand new contest. This month is iTunes month because my question is about what you listen to while you read.

Blazing Trailers made a perfectly good Book Preview Trailer for If I Should Die. I am including it here for everyone to watch. After you watch it I am sure you’ll want to go to your favorite book seller.

That is really all I have, well, wait, I have some photos. I’ll save the photos for a day or two and post them here, so drop in again and I’ll show you ‘spring-time’ in Montana where we have two Seasons.




By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.