Bison Moments – When Bison meet Vehicles

     Early this week some wayward bison outside of Yellowstone National Park made headlines. Three accidents took the lives of fifteen Bison. This had to be a defining moment for the drivers of the car that took out seven, the semi-truck who claimed seven and the sport utility vehicle who met with the last one. It was certainly not just another day on the road for these drivers. You might wonder what the heck these animals are doing out there in the middle of the road, so I’ll fill you in.
     It seems the Bison Mothers to Be are calving and before doing so they leave the protection of the National Park for just the right birthing place. They also like to graze at the sides of roads where the snow has melted or been cleared away.
     The choice to graze in areas where cars and huge trucks scream down the road at speeds of at least fifty-five miles an hour is not well thought out. Birthing outside the park only proves the huge creatures don’t plan well.
If you have never seen the results of a Bison/Vehicle impact I have to mention that although the Bison may have lost its life, the vehicle suffers terribly as well. There are no winners.
     What is a huge, hungry, pregnant Bison to do? Her choices are based on instinct so I guess it is up to the truck drivers, ranchers, tourists and other hapless drivers to watch out for wild life lumbering across the highway.
        The full story of these Accidents can be found at

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. All your subjects are well written, though I disagree about one in particlar (a politican named Obama), but there can always be differences of ideas and perceptions.

    1. Ron, thank-you for your comment. If no one disagreed there would hardly be a reason to blog, now would there? Maybe we can start a debate. B*B Sally

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