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Numb3rs, the Octo-Mom, H1N1 and Boycotting the News

Does anyone know what happened to the H1N1 flu?
How is Nadia, the Octo-Mom?
Did the television show, Numb3rs get cancelled?
With health care forgotten and the Barrels Per Day estimates making top news, and rightfully so, we might be missing out on some important news.
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Rabbit Ears, Tin Foil and Boiling Water

Television has changed during my lifetime. I remember when a tv was furniture. We had to cross the room to change the volume and the channel. If we did change the channel, we had to adjust the fine tuning and sometimes go outside to give the antenna a turn. Rabbit Ears, coat hangers and tin foil made our living rooms look like a mad scientist’s laboratory. I also remember the horizontal and vertical hold knobs and how a good slap on the side could help settle things down.

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