Numb3rs, the Octo-Mom, H1N1 and Boycotting the News

     Does anyone know what happened to the H1N1 flu?
     How is Nadia, the Octo-Mom?
     Did the television show, Numb3rs get cancelled?
     With health care forgotten and the Barrels Per Day estimates making top news, and rightfully so, we might be missing out on some important news.
     I may go on a news vacation. Think of all the commercials I’ll miss if I boycott the news. Never boycott what you can’t live without. I like gas in my T-bird, I like tuna and I am not so sure I can survive without chocolate.
     News, yes, news, I could skip for a few days. It is just a matter of choosing a quit day and sticking with it. What is the best day to stop being slightly up-to-the-moment on current events?
     This question reminds me of the U. S. Post Office who made the news by suggesting we can do without snail mail on Tuesdays. Is Tuesday a slow news day? Aren’t Tuesdays the days new music CDs are released?
     And Fridays, well, the theater near you has new movies coming out on Fridays.
     Mondays are the days the full time anchors arrive fresh from a week-end with encapsulated stories that happened on the week-end.
     That leaves Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, but, wait, I record the early morning news program called Sunday Morning.
     Alrighty, then, I came up with two days in a row that might be boycottable.
     If there is a way I can avoid the news on Wednesdays and Thursdays, I can pick a quit day. Of course, withdraw symptoms will hardly appear before Friday rolls around. Can I boycott Wednesday, Thursday and Satuday news and cause some social change or commercial shake up?
     I doubt my absence would even be noticed. Unless, thousands of millions of people joined in and when that happens, the news story will no doubt run on a Wednesday and the whole idea will crumble under the pressure of seeing what they say about us and our News Boycott.
     Okay, I’m not going through with this idea.
     I do wonder what Nadia and her brood are doing this summer. I am curious about what happened to the flu, did it mutate into a summer cold? And I really liked watching Numb3rs.
     Till next time, don’t get too much sun and take time out from current events, just a little.

Rabbit Ears, Tin Foil and Boiling Water

I use television as a distraction, a sort of ambient noise and I confess to wondering if I could keep my sanity if the world should become like Stephen King’s, Stand.

I’ve been watching the Young and the Restless since I was in High School. In college, many of us chose our courses around this soap and gathered in the Women’s Lounge for a daily fix.

Television has changed during my lifetime. I remember when a tv was furniture. We had to cross the room to change the volume and the channel. If we did change the channel, we had to adjust the fine tuning and sometimes go outside to give the antenna a turn. Rabbit Ears, coat hangers and tin foil made our living rooms look like a mad scientist’s laboratory. I also remember the horizontal and vertical hold knobs and how a good slap on the side could help settle things down.

It is a wonder this gadget caught on. People who remember shoe store x-ray machines also remember the tube booths. If your television was behaving badly, you could open the back, remove a tube, stick a number on the tube and the place it belonged. Then you would take the paper bag of tubes into the tube testing booth. If a tube was blown you could buy a new one, then go home and put your television back together.

This is something my Aunt and Uncle did not do. They opted to call in a television repairman, who made a Saturday house call. It was early morning on the 13th of October. My Mom had called the doctor and he insisted she couldn’t be having a baby because it was not her due date.

My Mom, Dad and brother showed up while the repair man was working. By now, everyone but the doctor was convinced of my impending arrival.

The tv repairman, having several children of his own, is credited with my delivery as he poked his head into the room and proclaimed, “Yes, that’s a baby, you should get that stuff off it.”

I was born in a caul, probably not a pretty sight. The doctor made a house call of his own and seconded the announcement of my birth and went on to panic about the germs that were all over me and the house, he rushed me to the kitchen and found nothing but dirty dishes. I am thankful my family did not put the infamous water on to boil or I might have been a poached baby.

Well, I see, my mind has wondered and not in a straight line, either. I haven’t mentioned the advent of cable, solid state and remote control and how they have changed our lives. I’ll save that for a future topic.

The way I use television hit a turning point on 911. Advertizing took a back seat to traumatic events on the 11th of September. Since then, I turn on the tv every morning and if I see a commercial I know that all is right with the world.