President Obama is coming to Bozeman, Today

What a hot button issue.

President Obama and his family are in town today. I am not the type to camp out in order to acquire tickets so I will watch the Town Hall Meeting from the comfort of my home. I’ll get a better view and better sound.

What is up with Health Care? Seems like every administration at least since Clinton has used the topic in campaigns. I was out and about promoting Hillary Clinton’s ideas and was told flat out by a small business owner that they simply did not want to provide insurance for their employees.

I know people with disabilities, PWDs, who resist going back to work because they will loose the State and Federal Insurance that come with their disability payments. I have also known PWDs who do not get married because a combined income would effect their coverage. PWDs have not been very vocal about the current Health Care issues.

I remember listening to the insurance agent who dropped by my parent’s home once a year to renew their insurance policy. Every year, my dad would nod at me and every year the agent would shake his head and say, “One more year.”

The second President Bush took care that our prescription costs would be covered. Here is what happened to me in as few words as possible.

Like Medicare, if I didn’t opt into the Prescription Plan, there would be a percentage fee to pay when I finally did use the option. I have prescriptions, so, I got into the plan. I even got a medigap type thing. Every month I pay somewhere around two hundred bucks, over 25 % of my SSDI and it takes a half a year to meet my deductibles. This is for health care and prescriptions. Then there are co-pays and those never go away. My teeth hurt and until I pay off the visit I had that wasn’t covered about three years ago, I don’t dare go back.

So, what do I think about the Health Care Plans? I want change. I want better care. I want a lot of things. What I don’t want is to pay like crazy and not be able to use what I pay for because the monthly policy payments leave me unable to meet a deductible or a copay.

Will the new plan change anything for me? I seriously doubt it.

However, my PWD counterparts should be able to go back to work without fear of becoming uninsured. They should also be able to marry without risking their plans.

Really, this is a case of the people who ‘have’ not wanting to give an inch to the ‘have nots.’ It has always been that way, health care, minimum wage, housing, and the list goes on.

Feel free to comment, keep it nice and I’ll be posting again soon.