30 October 1994 – 1 April 2013

Flying Free Now

Molly, our feathered family member, crossed over on April first and flies with the Free Bird Collective.

We kept her for 18 years.  We have many stories to tell.  Once, outside of Helena, she flew into a car and had to see an emergency vet.  One year we took her to Yellowstone Park with us and kept her half hidden because she had plucked all but seven feathers.


When we took her out and about people would always ask, “Does she bite?”

“Maybe, not today,” we’d reply and add, “all birds bite.”


Parrots are destructive and disruptive and ownership should never be entered into lightly.  A parrot will live longer that the average marriage.  And there will be a lot of for better and for worse.  Did I mention, parrots like to fling food and poop a lot?  They make a lot of noise and will choose a human as a mate before and after laying eggs?  They either cannot count or forget things quickly because I’ve never seen Molly go hunting for those eggs we snuck out of the cage when she was busy elsewhere.


It was always the family joke that if something happened to Molly, I would be named a person of interest.    My favorite threat was to put her in my blood pressure cuff and I’d add parrot spices to grocery lists.


I’d take it all back if I could.


We miss you, Molly.




Gone Fishing or Mirror Mirror

  Tis the Season
Tis the Season

Adam Lambert and Kate Gosselin have the same hairstyle. When the temperature drops below zero the dog does her business toot-sweet. Our Ecclectus Parrot only needs to see the orange handled nail clippers coming out of the drawer and she scrambles beak over feet to her big iron bird cage.

It is the time of year when I look into the mirror and do not dare ask “who is the fairest of them all.” Unless, Montana winter pastiness counts. As the year 2009 hangs its ‘gone fishing’ sign on the door, I feel a little disturbed by how fast time goes by. I think I am mostly disturbed because I am old enough to realize I have a lot left undone and young enough to fear and dread my own crossing over. I turn my pale face away from the mirror and tick–tock the things I did during the year.

I participated in NaNoEdMo in March, NaNoWriMo in November, I wrote lots of things in between. I managed to post a Tarot Card of the Week, each week during the year, complete with a graphic representation of the Tarot Card. I started this blog you are reading and opened a FaceBook account. Enough of this stuff about me, I seldom read those Christmas Family NewsLetters that arrive with Seasons Greetings, so I will stop just short of making this post one of them.

News Stories and events that caught my attention this year included the Obama family moving into the Whitehouse, H1N1, and Michael Jackson’s sudden departure. That is a good mix of joy, fear and sadness.

In 2010, I will moisturize more often, keep my novel submissions out and about, and I will continue to do the things I was successful with in 2009. I will solve the puzzle about why Kate Gosselin and Adam Lambert are never seen together. I will cheer the dog through  winter days and snowdrifts that let her feet drop through mid ‘hurry.’ And, I think our local animal groomer should have a turn at the parrot’s nails. She could use a beak dremmeling as well.

Till next time, stay warm and blow out the candles.