A Box and Whisker Plot – The Plot Whisperer

I sat on my file box in front of the white-board and leafed through today’s lessons, penmanship, a random scientific question, reading assignment and math. I do this each week-day and I’ve been teaching these things since the mid 1980s. I have changed curriculum now and again, and I learn or relearn these things with my student.

Today, I flipped open the math book to where the ruler holds the page. It was investigation day, the topic was outside my lifetime of experiences.

The first part of the lesson involved test scores and a Stem and Leaf Plot. I thought maybe the text writers got confused and slipped in an English Grammar or Creative Writing Topic. I was okay, brave even, as I read the explanation of upper quartiles and lower quartiles. I could apply it to the craft of story building if I mulled it over.

On the next page, the scorekeeper had taken the numbers and quartiles onto something called a Box and Whisker Plot and my writerly imagination was wild with anticipation. I have never in all my years of doing the simple day to day, more than one, bigger than that, what time is it, math doing, heard of a Box and Whisker Plot. To make it worse, as I scribbled on the white-board, I kept spelling it Box and Whisper.



I do not think I taught the lesson well and it is going into the notebook as a topic whose probability of need is an extreme outlier. At least, if someday, at some job, sitting next to a co-worker upping the nerd scale, he can say something like, “but can you show me a Box and Whisper Plot?” And besides that, what if the Hokey-Pokey is what it’s all about?

What is the Point? Colonoscopies, Pat Downs, Child Neglect and A Savage Wisdom

Since I began using my new camera, the deer have been hiding. I blew my cover by announcing the new zoom lens could run right up their butts. Deer do not volunteer for colonoscopies.

Our President has his hands full with the undi-bomber’s failed attempt at mass murder over Detroit. He seems to be appropriately angry and making changes. I’m willing to let him do his job, however, I would rather have a pat down. Only two people experience the pat down, me and my ‘pat downer.’ A 360 view of my altogethers, however, can potentially be enjoyed by countless people, none of them interested in my face.

Kate Gosselin has bought some hair extensions and for some reason, this has become a child neglect issue. I am glad to see her depart from the Adam Lambert look. How can any child be neglected with the whole tabloid world up in their faces?

I finished reading, A Savage Wisdom, by Norman German and am thanking him, here, for entertaining me. Seeing manipulation and layering of lies through the main character’s mind was an unexpected experience. There was no justice at all in the electrocution of Toni Jo.

Many of you know I am a homeschooling mom. I am learning as much as my student. At this stage in my face spackled life, I never imagined contemplating the mathematical properties of a ‘point.’ A point has no dimension. It has no up, no down, no width, no depth, no in front and no behind. It simply, is. So, when I look back over this blog post and consider the point, I have no excuses to make.

It is.

Thank you for visiting again, leave a comment, a suggestion, a question. It doesn’t have to have a point, it just simply has to be. See you next post.