June in Montana–Spring Green

A picture says it all…

June in Montana–Life is a Story…


Tornados and Floods – In Perspective

We have a rare weather event happening in Montana. Did you know a flood is the
only weather event that can happen anywhere?

We are finally seeing some warmer weather, 35 at night and almost 60s during the
days. Warm weather has begun to melt the snow that fell right up to a week or
so ago. We’ve had rain, too. Not the crazy driving rain but a dim and somewhat consistent
drizzle. The rivers and creeks are jumping their banks.

The trees are just waking up and the dandelions are in full golden bloom. The tiny
not yet leaves make the trees look like fragile clouds of misty green. Tulips
are awake.

We went out twice today to check on the two creeks near our home and I suppose
after tomorrow’s predicted  rain will
nudge them out onto the road.

Then, I turn on the news and see ‘real’ weather and realize that compared to
earthquakes and tornados I shouldn’t be complaining at all. How self centered
can I be when people’s family members have been ripped out of loved one’s arms,
to complain about a little  rain?

I do not want to imagine the heartache of poking into rubble in search of a
toddler, three days missing. The horror of having a home torn away and cars
tossed like toys is too much to think about. Never mind the missing pets, lost
photos and unemployment that arrives with the storms.

I was going to post a slideshow of the snow covered streams with today’s water
lapping at the bridge and creeping across the roads. I might do it tomorrow,
but today, it seems petty and self absorbed.

Thanks for listening. I’ll post again, soon.