Social Distancing, Herd Immunity and R0

Social Distancing, Herd Immunity and R0

How fast and how far can Covid 19 spread? Well.. I’ve seen the R0 as high as R3 and as low as R2. For the graphic below Covid 19 is given the R0 of R2.3.

Herd immunity is disease-specific and is influenced by the ease with which the disease spreads from person to person, or the level of contagiousness.

Covid-19, CSI, First Responders & Shoes

Covid-19, like many, maybe all, viruses cannot be killed but until it runs out of steam and returns to a quiet state in the animal kingdom, we need to be vigilant.


It would be cool to say we became the couple who bought and RV and started roaming the country like some of the Gypsy families who taught Grandpa GreySquirrel to read tea leaves. But we are probably the most dysfunctional travelers ever known to park at the far edges of a Walmart Parking Lot.