Apocalypse Now

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  • 1267 Days Since the 2016 Election
  • 48 Days Since the Declaration of the Pandemic
  • 11 Days Since Montana People Officially Went Stir Crazy
  • 2 Days Since Montana’s Governor Gave Into Peer Pressure
  • 1010717 US Citizens Diagnosed with Covid-19
  • 58365 US Citizens are Dead because of Covid-29
  • Retirement Day 119

Where is the Plan?

This is a long post and it continues after the slideshow below so scroll on down.

On November 9th 2016 I awakened hoping this was all one very long nightmare. 1267 days have passed and I still worry worry about the end of the world as we know it. This might have actually come to pass.

48 days ago the virus news I had been worried about since New Year’s Eve came true and we were full on experiencing a pandemic.

We are doing okay in Montana. We have lost 15 people to Covid-19 but our infection rates are under control. What we are doing is working. Staying put and social distancing is keeping our numbers low. But 11 Days Ago our people joined in with other states and protested the Stay at Home Order. It didn’t take long for our Governor to fall victim to Peer Pressure.

2 days ago our Governor opened Phase One. He lifted the Stay at Home order and began opening various businesses.

Today 1,010,717 citizens of the US have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and 58,365 people have lost the battle.

Welcome to day 119 of Retirement.

America is supposed to be the most developed country in the world. We are smart, educated and wealthy. For 1194 days our guy in the White House has been making America great, again. Our supreme leader said, “I alone can fix it.”

I am disappointed and a bit embarrassed to learn that with the exception of one Governor, no one has a plan. No one on any of the Government Committees or Departments had a plan for this. It isn’t like we weren’t aware of the outbreaks in 2003 and 2013.

In an effort to streamline government many of our smartest people were de-funded and disbanded in an effort to Make America Great Again. Our supreme leader refused to play with any other countries who might have been helpful because they weren’t contributing enough money.


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Enjoy the slideshow and hang on tight because our Government doesn’t have a plan.


Think about that for a minute. No plan. We have a lot of very smart people out there who might be helpful and we are actually using a few of them but they have to come up with their own plan. The problem with this is that this planner has no idea if another planner is duplicating his work. No one is on the same page and the rules, regulations and guidelines change on the whim of the guy who declared, “I alone can fix it.”

I am also disappointed in our leaders and community members who became bored with the simplicity of saving the world, the old man down the street, the immunocompromised  children and cancer survivors by simply staying put just a little bit longer.

I am disappointed at the Governors who are slap dashing a ‘plan’ to re-open. Yes, I know Montana is doing well, but we are doing well because we have been staying home and social distancing. The virus is still out there and it is going to rebound. More people will be sick. Dead. But as long as our restless community has something to do, well, what the heck, there is always herd immunity. And the viruses in 2003 and 2013 faded from our newsfeed.

As a writer, I have given a lot of thought to the Apocalypse and how it would start. I have seen the Outbreak movies and the Global Disaster films. I honestly thought we would have a plan.

Where is the Plan?

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.