Remember that trouble I got into over the excessive convenient withdrawal syndrome?

Post Dramatic Home Ownership

This turn of the the month I had to pay our homeowners insurance premium for another year. This is the first year we have been responsible. Our mortgage holder used to collect money from us throughout the year and paid insurance and taxes on our behalf.

The tortoises warmed up just in time to make noise during my call with the insurance people. The phone would cut out with each thunk. A noise cancelling event for which I cannot find the setting to turn off.

cover art for If Walls Could Talk

The next call was to our bank. The account was created back when I was single, more than a quarter of a century ago. It was there because social security insisted I participate in direct deposit. I already posted on this topic so I won’t drag you through my violation history.

The person I talked to on the phone, to get the rest of the money transferred to checking did not seem to believe my story. She did transfer the last of the the money but wished me luck with ever successfully receiving another social security deposit in this lifetime.

The final part was making out a $9.19 check to Capital One the day after they confessed to releasing our personal information and social security numbers to a hacker. The 19 cents was because I didn’t want to write a nine dollar check to go with the $490. money order meant to cover the new refrigerator.

If I Should Die Cover Art
If I Should Die

I am finished with bills for awhile, everything else seems to be on auto-pay.

To complete the day’s financial adulting, I insured the shed my neighbor took away from us, again. We bought that shed. I’m not bitter, oh, wait, yes I am. My insurance and loan papers said I bought it and now I wonder if the Loss of Use clause might apply.

I have been cleaning up my website, again and because I have new covers on two of my books, you might see a gallery somewhere in this post.

Nope, no gallery.. I fail.. but click on this text to go to My Books Page.

Till next time, Don’t Touch Anything Sharp.