image of debit cards

Late last year, our bank changed names. As part of the rebranding, we received new debit cards.

I got two of them. I thought it was nice of them to send a spare. So, I began using the one with the last four digits I liked best. I entered it into most of my online accounts as the old debit card expired.

The bank started sending me mail about exceeding my transaction allowance. These were not overdraft notices, I round filed them. The letters kept coming. The account number in the letters was always blocked out. I did not make the connection.

The card ? looked very much like the second card ? both with the word debit in the corner.

I got another letter 2 days ago explaining I am breaking a Federal Law and one of three punishments would be applied.

  • The Account Would be Terminated
  • The Account Would be Transferred to a Checking Account
  • I Would be grounded for the Period of One Year from making any Convenience Related Transactions

Finally, I caught on.. my Facebook Friends tried to tell me..

That card ? with the cool last four digits is drawing funds from our Savings Account and Federal Law is pretty darned pissy about treating a savings account as though it is an ATM machine.

Here is a link to the Federal Law I am Guilty of Committing.

Habitual Convenient Withdrawal Syndrome

Till next time, Don’t Touch Anything Sharp.