Welcome to another Writerly Round-Up. Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)  As usual, these items crossed into my path by email or social media.


Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)


Cup of Pens ClipArtCrime Scene Questions for Writers

This is a very active Yahoo Group.  Membership requires approval.


Group Description

A forum for asking and answering crime scene investigation, applied forensics, and police procedure questions for fiction or non-fiction writers. Writers are invited to ask and crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, and medical practioners are invited to answer. Of course, experienced writers are invited to help the newer ones and each other.

A Sample of Current Topics

  • DNA How Long Does It Take? 6 Posts
  • Husband running away with… 6 Posts
  • Living my in a large city like… 11 Posts
  • Handgun / revolver for a woman 6 Posts
  • Private Investigators 9 Posts




I began using LibraryThing when I worked as a Marketing Manager for a Publishing Company.  I visited yesterday to open my own account and add my books.

What is LibraryThing?

LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for book lovers.

LibraryThing helps you create a library-quality catalog of books: books you own, books you’ve read, books you’d like to read, books you’ve lent out … whatever grouping you’d like.

Since everyone catalogs online, they also catalog together. You can contribute tags, ratings and reviews for a book, and Common Knowledge (facts about a book or author, like character names and awards), as well as participate in member forums or join the Early Reviewers program. Everyone gets the benefit of everyone else’s work. LibraryThing connects people based on the books they share.


The Saturday Writing Quote — Faulkner on ambition and judgment


Leslie Budewitz

“Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Don’t bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.”

— Wm Faulkner, quoted in The Writer, 9/12


Writerly Round-Up (7 – 13 April)

From the 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips series!


Sandra Beckwith

Don’t do a free Kindle book promotion until you know how to do it the right way. Read Short Promo Success: How to Run Successful Free Promotions in Just One Day.

To your book marketing success.


The Writer’s Forensics Blog


The Cyber Exchange Principle


The cornerstone of forensic science is known as the Locard Exchange Principle. Edmond Locard (1877-1966) studied and developed his investigative skills under the great forensic pioneer Alexandre Lacassagne and later headed the forensic laboratory in Lyon, France. His observations led him to conclude that criminals always left traces of themselves at crime scenes. And took evidence away when they departed. This became the foundation of his exchange principle.


The Writer’s Chatroom

Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites & Best of the Best for Online Writing Communities


Congratulations to Audrey Shaffer for her hard and unfailing work.

The Writer’s Chatroom is listed in Writer’s Digest 101 Best Sites issue. Best of the Best for online writing communities on page 39 and page 41 has a half-page sidebar about the site.


Book Marketing 101


Jane Friedman

It is possible, if not desirable, for an author to launch an effective book-marketing campaign without a publisher’s support or assistance. Mainly, it requires time and energy. It may also require some monetary investment to hire a publicist, PR firm, or marketing consultant to advise and assist you. The good news is that, by the time your second, third, or fourth book comes out, you should have a solid base of readers to work from—a base that was developed from marketing activities associated with previous launches.


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