Silence – A Fiction Friday Post

Silence is Golden. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Echo the Sounds of Silence.


“What do you think’s goin’ on over there?”

Another thud followed by the sound of glass breaking raised Matty’s curiosity.

“I don’t know, a little foreplay, maybe.”

Matty snapped Lucy with her dishtowel. “He is probably drunk. From the sound of it he’s going to lose his damage deposit.”

“Do you think we should call someone?” Lucy pulled a bottle of wine out of the refrigerator.

“Like 911? He never has company, so what would we say?” Matty retrieved two wine glasses from the hutch. “Hello, 911, yes, we want to report a neighbor guy who’s having a domestic dispute with his reflection.”

“You’re right, he never has anyone over and no one around here even tries to say hello to him anymore.”

__ Hear no evil


“Shhh. Dad’s drinking again. Don’t let him know we’re awake.”

Darnell pulled his covers up tighter and tried to lay thinner in his bed. “I hate it that he does that.”

“Mom ‘ll be okay. She always is. Last time she told the lady at the store she had a tooth worked on.” Emery traced a glow in the dark Saturn under his brother’s bunk. “She hid the gun, really good this time.”

Unsteady thumps sounded in the hallway. “Shhh. Be asleep.” Emery rolled to face his wall.

 __ Echo



“What’s gonna happen when he finally goes too far and kills her?” Brady asked.

Mike didn’t answer. Brady didn’t expect him to. “When it happens the cops ‘ll be crawlin’ all over this place. They’ll come to the door, ask us what we know, what we heard, what we did.”

Mike rolled over onto his side so he could see his beloved. He traced an errant curl across her forehead. “You know we can’t do nothin’. I’ve got a warrant out on my ass, maybe two of ‘em. I just got this job, Baby, it’s our chance to get out.”

“We ain’t never gonna get out and you know it. And some day he’s gonna kill that woman.” Brady rolled away from her troubled husband.

“You know, Baby, I’ll never do that to you.”

 __Speak no evil

“Ramsey,” Scott whispered. “Look at that.”

Ramsey crept up beside Scott and both boys stared into the window.

“What’s he doing? It looks like he has a woman in there.”

“Get down a minute, he’s coming out the back door.”

An electronic beep made both boy’s startle. “It’s just his trunk, he has a key thingie.” Ramsey crept forward just a little to see what was happening.

“Oh shit, he’s putting that woman in the trunk.”

“He killed her.” Ramsey said. “We have to get out of here before he sees us.”

“We need to tell our moms.” Scott said as the two nimbly crouch-sprinted back into Ramsey’s yard.

“We’d both be grounded for life if they found out we were out looking in people’s windows. We aren’t saying a word.”

 __See no evil

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By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.