Fiction Friday – Stalking Part Two

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Last Friday’s post was entitle Fiction Friday – Stalking Part One.  This is really the third part.  The beginning of the story was a post called Snippet.   

This post has some harsh language.  Nothing you wouldn’t hear at your local grade school.  

Getting her stalker to the park was like a pedophile giving candy to a grade school kid. Selina felt a rush.

She took the simple approach, direct, slow and obvious. She had everything in place and it was time to stop drawing it out. The stalker sat on a bench and played with his cell phone. The park had emptied. Dog walkers and lovers had moved on. Just the two of them.

Selina jogged down the path close enough for the stalker to smell her sweat. Then she stopped and pretended to tie her shoe. He was playing it cool. She doubled back the few strides she had taken and sat down on the bench beside the stalker. She shrugged off her small back pack and pretended to go through it.

Selina pressed the hard cold muzzle against the stalker’s ribs. She wished she had a camera. The look on the stalkers face was pure gold. He sat stock still looking ahead into the darkened park.

“Yes, I know you. You mother fucker. You’ve been following me almost a week. I’m getting quite tired of it.”

“What? I don’t know you.” The stalker said in a very convincing voice. “I don’t have any money, if that is what you want. Here, take my cell phone.”

“I don’t want your stupid cell phone. What you think I’m out here for your stupid cell phone!” Selina jabbed at him again.

The stalker drew a quick breath.

“Did I say you could breathe? I don’t think I did. Why are you stalking me? Do I know you from somewhere? Did I offend you?” Selina kept her voice even and low. Calm and in control. Never let them see you sweat..

The stalker looked straight ahead. So she jabbed him again. He wasn’t going to look her in the eye so she didn’t have to put energy into a poker face.

“I asked you a question. Did I offend you?”

“Okay, play bashful. Did I do something that turned you on? Were you watching me and having a hard on the whole week? Cuz, if that is true you are really sick.”

The stalker said nothing.

“I’ll tell you what I think. At the risk of hurting your feelings and I know you have them. A guy doesn’t get as sick as you without having feelings. I think, and I’m no expert, I think you should learn better ways to socialize.”

The stalker had begun to sweat and this encouraged Selina.

“Here is what I want you to do.” She poked at him again. “I want you to stand up and take your clothes off.” She waited two beats. “Now, she shouted. “Off.” It was the first time she had raised her voice and the stalker did a full body flinch.

The stalker had an athletic body. She thought he was on the low side of 30. He pulled his shirt over his head. ” Now, lose the pants.”

He sat the phone down on the bench and toed his shoes off. Then came his pants and his briefs.

“You can keep the underwear and the shoes. You’ll need the shoes.”

His pants lay crumpled on top of his shirt and he busied himself pulling his underwear back on.

“You don’t think I’m a pervert. Keep the undies”. The waist band of his undies snapped and he scrunched his feet back into his shoes.

“Take your stupid phone. I said I didn’t want it. Take it and walk that way down the trail. She pointed with her handgun.

As he walked away, Selina let off a round that hit the dirt just beside his right foot. Perfect. He did the full body flinch again and took off at a dead run.

She rifled through his pockets and there wasn’t anything. No ID, not even coins or his car keys. As soon as she was sure he was out of the park, Selina stuffed his clothes into a trash bin and continued jogging one more lap around the park.

 Come back next week for Fiction Friday.  Till then, don’t touch anything sharp.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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