A Visit with Greg Wertz – Fiction Friday

After some floundering I am having a visit with a fictional character from If I Should Die named Greg Wertz

It is Fiction Friday already and I have nothing.

I’m sitting here with a blank page open.  What should I do?

I think I’ll ask one of my characters from If I Should Die what’s been happening.  So many of the characters in the story scattered or died.  Who should I tap?

How about Greg Wertz?  You expected me to touch base with Peyton Farley didn’t you?

Greg is a police officer who partnered up with Mike Span.  The two of them were under the radar looking for Peyton.


Cover Art for If I Should Die
If I Should Die

A Visit with Greg Wertz


I imagine you are wondering why I pulled you out of fictional limbo and brought you here, today.

Greg …

I’m glad for a chance to stretch my legs.  Here, let me move some of these newspapers so you can sit down.  Can I get you a beer?


I’m okay, isn’t it a little early for a beer?


I haven’t a clue, you brought me back but didn’t exactly set up the scene.  So, it’s morning at my house.  How long have I been gone?

Me …

You are making it sound like you’ve been trapped in a Star Trek transporter loop.  You’ve been gone but not that far.

Greg ..

Well, after the attempted rescue, there was a big internal investigation and I’ve been riding a desk for what feels like a year.  Before that I was suspended for awhile.  I’m just glad I still have a job.


Have you seen much of Peyton, is she still in town?


We get together once in a while..  Not that kind of together.  The three of us, Peyton, Mike and I go out to the bars once in a while.  We even took a trip down to the Park last summer.


Do you think you’ll come back to a second book?


That is really up to you.  I hope I can come back.  If you’ll let me, I might even have some ideas for future plotlines.

Me… One last question.  If I bring you back, would you consider letting Mike teach you to use a skateboard?


Will you set us up with good health insurance?


If I Should Die is available at your favorite e-bookstores and you can find it at Eternal Press.  Buy a copy and see why Greg ended up riding that desk for so long.

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.

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