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Welcome Carrie Lynn Barker to Writerly Wednesday.  Click on the book cover to buy the book.  Eternal Press has various formats to Meet your E-Reader’s Needs.


Bio: Carrie Lynn Barker is an avid writer who has been writing all her life. She is the author of four novels, the second of which was nominated in the paranormal category at EPICon 2012. She lives just outside of Los Angeles with her husband, filmmaker Brandon Barker and their two dogs. She’s a collector of books and tattoos, both of which she has many.

Blurb: Chris Fletcher, government experiment, healer, lover and friend, heads to San Francisco, where she again attempts to hunt down the man who created her, all the while being hunted herself.

As she seeks out the person who wants to kill her, she not only meets new friends, but discovers that her story has become something of a legend. While the underground experiment community has lifted her up to hero status, Chris knows the danger in such a thing and puts her focus on finding her maker. In the end, what she seeks to destroy may end up changing her life forever.

Excerpt: There were two women and one man. I had only known their kind once before in my life. I was… I guess the word is overjoyed at having found them.

The man was big, muscular but not too much, and had close cropped black hair. His eyes were golden brown, much darker than Jonas’s yellow ones, but still holding the same mystery. His face was a chiseled, utter perfection. Had he been another being I would have recommended modeling to him and his friends.

The women were just as beautiful and perfect. The taller one looked much like the man, who I knew to be her brother. She had long, flowing raven black hair that reached to her waist. Her eyes were the same deep gold color. Her features were striking, enough to make any man stop in his tracks.

The other woman, the one who thought of herself as their sister but technically was not, had shorter hair, blonde and soft. She was obviously the strong one, more of a leader than even the man was. She was plain, though still lovely, but I knew she was the wild one. Her eyes, when they finally locked on mine and noticed me watching them, were sky blue, bright and powerful. They reminded me a little of Starch’s.

Her name was Ripley, and she recognized me in an instant. Much to my surprise–or is it dismay? –she practically worshiped me. She spoke of me as often as she could, made it her mission in life to seek out the woman who started the revolution.

Well, I found her, and she wasn’t going to let me leave her sights until she got a proper introduction. Though I had no idea what she was thinking when the word ‘revolution’ went through her head. I am about the furthest thing from a revolutionary I can think of.

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1.        In three days, all power will go off, everywhere for a very long time.  What will you include in your author survival kit?  Paper, pens, lots of wine and cheese. Some candles and matches so I can write at night. Maybe some extra wine, just in case it stays out longer than I thought it would.

2.       Where did the idea for the work you are promoting arise?  Genesis is the sequel to my first Eternal Press novel, Revelations. After writing the first draft of Revelations, I didn’t plan on continuing, but a friend was so hooked she convinced me to keep writing about the characters. The story just came naturally once I rewrote Revelations to accommodate a sequel.  The third book in this series, Exodus, is due out in November, and it’s all my friend’s fault.

3.       What do you like to read?  I’ll read anything but Edna Ferber is my favorite author. I love her strong female characters and her easy, flowing style of writing. Once I pick up something by her, I can’t put it down, no matter how hard I try. She puts her readers right in amongst her characters and brings time periods to life like no one else.

4.       Tell us about the most exciting place you have ever visited? Santa Fe, New Mexico has always been a standout for me.  I don’t know why.  It’s not something I can put my finger on but when I think about my favorite places to visit, that’s my number one.  I could have stayed there forever and if I ever do go back I may never leave.  Louisiana, as a whole state, stands out pretty well, too.

5.       What is the most mundane, day to day, thing you can share about yourself?  I drive down famed Melrose Boulevard every day when I go to work. To me, that’s pretty mundane.  I also drive by Paramount Studios on my route.  Also mundane…

6.       What scares you the most?  Avocados.  Don’t ask my why.  They’re scary.  All green and squishy and slimy, like Swamp Thing. So natural yet so unnatural.  Also, they attract skunks.

7.       Tell us anything but keep it G rated.  Due to a malfunctioning synapse (or something) in my brain, I don’t feel pain like a regular person. It’s hereditary; my grandpa had it, my mother has it, and I have it. I feel little to no pain and, as a result, I end up with cuts and bruises and have no idea how I got them. If you ask me if my tattoos hurt, I will honestly tell you no, because they didn’t. Not even the lucky shamrock behind my ear.

From Sally – I haven’t had unexplained bruises since my last year of college.  Oh, wait, the water-bed was giving me black and blue hip that I didn’t know I had until I underwent an emergency appendectomy.  My husband commented that it looked like someone man-handled me during transfer to the OR table.  It took a few months to figure out it was the edging on the water bed and I was harming myself every time I climbed out of it.  Way TMI right? 

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By Sally

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  1. Hey Linda, I will try to remember to take a few pics on my way to work and post them on my FB page. And yes, the books do tie into each other. Can’t wait for the third to come out. Three is my luck number (though it will be my fourth official published novel). 🙂 And thanks, Faye! I try to take life by the horns but sometimes I think it’s the other way around!!

  2. Very interesting story! So your first one ties in with this one? I love robots are yours very wicked?
    I do not like Avacados either but I don’t think they are particular in the scary department. Maybe just a little weird. I liked your interview. Great stuff!
    Good luck with your book. My relatives live in Bakersfield, Califirnia but I’ve never been down Melrose street or seen Paramount studios do send me a pic on your phone when you drive by. That would be great.
    Linda Hays-Gibbs
    My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls
    Eternal Press

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    And soon to come:
    The Devil Is Real!

  3. I enjoyed the interview so much. It sounds like Carrie has life by the horns! Congrats on the new novel, Carrie.

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