Lost in the Cloud

Have any of you tried this not so new thing called cloud computing?


I thought it was high time I gave it a go.  Especially considering the number of photos and files I’ve lost from various computer retirements.  So, there I was, had all of the right hardware, software, and connections.  I logged in and started a blog post.


I explained the cloud and how I intended to use it.


Today, I thought I’d finish the post and drop in a photo or two and what happened?


I can’t log back in.  I can’t find the http address.  As far as my computer is concerned, the cloud simply does not exist.


I’m glad I only created one original document while I was there, wherever I was.


The login page is probably somewhere, not in my history.  People can find 84 different searches and landing pages for chloroform on the Anthony’s computer, months after the actual search was made and I can’t find any web-prints that lead me back to the cloud.


I’m going to post this and let my computer cool down, or at least drop back to room temperature.  Yes, we have two seasons, Winter and July and well, it’s July.  Check back Wednesday to see my Writerly Wednesday Guest.  And use the new form to join my newsletter.


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One Reply to “Lost in the Cloud”

  1. Oops!!! Guess the cloud blew away …

    My stance on all new evolutions of technology is to wait a few generations until most of the bugs are ironed out.

    I hope you find your cloud again and that your wing is healing nicely.

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