Little Girls, Frozen Meat and Why My Family Avoids Going Out with Me

Last week I was in Wal-mart. We had finished up most of my list, scavenger hunt, and the next stop was the food side of the store. I really have reservations about buying food at a discount department store. The flat screens suspended from the rafters over the frozen food bins just seem wrong. It is very futuristic and intrusive to have commercials running directly to the consumer as she scopes out the frozen meat. I am a mostly vegetarian, anyway, so the advertizing is nothing short of annoying.

Okay, we are on our way, walking past the electronics, past the toddler items and nearing the noisy food section when I am sidetracked by my life -long affinity for eaves-dropping.

“Yes, I can do that. We’re at Wal-mart right now,” says a fellow in cargo shorts with a cart containing two girls about five and seven years old.

I am sure they don’t sell little girls. He was simply keeping an eye on them.
“Sure, I can get you some green.” The man continues, raising his voice, making my job easier. “I’ll hook you up with some this afternoon.” Then as though one of them, the person who initiated the cell phone call or the fellow with the girls in his cart forgot what was going on, he repeated his whole conversation.

I graduated from High School and attended college in the 70’s and can’t help but know a pot deal is going down in my local Wal-mart, on a cell phone in front of me, two little girls and anyone else in the area who can hear past the drop down monitor running frozen meat commercials.

I had to point this out in a normal speaking voice to my family. Did you know they dread going out in public with me? What? They can’t hear this guy? There is nothing at all wrong with being discrete about it. In my opinion, he should be at home, lighting incense, putting a towel under his door, not making a public spectacle of himself in a department store with me indulging in his conversation.

I guess the issues I have with selling discount food in a department store have been replaced by the issues I have with such lazy selling of pot in a department store, unless he wants to park his little girls next to the pharmacy.

We are going out to buy some food, at a grocery store, this afternoon. I will take a notebook and pen. My family is very uncomfortable when I take my camera. I am thinking about a nice voice recorder. Sigh, I can see the eye-roll, now. I suppose relying on notes and memory are going to have to do, unless, I find the fellow in the cargo shorts and he has a little green on him. Think he’ll take a debit card?

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Don’t touch anything sharp!

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.