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The end of another Month is upon us. We are 59 days into 2011. Calendar Spring is about 3 weeks away. The February Contest ends at Midnight your time, today, 28 February 2011.
I am making up a new contest question as I type. I’ve kept to the reading topic. I’ve asked why you read and followed up with by asking how you choose a book. During March 2011, I am asking where you buy a book.
Depending on my needs and local access issues, I might order a book online and wait for the delivery by USPS or UPS. Because I use a Kindle, I might make a 1-click decision and let it download right into my eager hand. If I want to get out of the house, I’ll have a sticky sweet coffee concoction while I wonder among the shelves and end-caps. If poverty dictates, and it sometimes does, our City Library has waterless urinals.
Where do you buy your books?
Like January and February, this contest will end at Midnight Your Time on the Last Day of March 2011. March has 31 days. This contest begins on March 1st 2011.
To enter, comment on the question. These comments are moderated, if you are new to the site your comment will be approved and your name will go into my NaNoWriMo Mug. Very early in April, my grandson, Jeepers, aged 3, will draw a tiny slip of paper from the mug. If your name is drawn I will post it here and send you an email. Make sure you include a good email address when you comment.
An Amazon Gift Card valued at $20.00 US will be given to the winner. This means you’ll probably place a book order online and wait for your awesome delivery person, or you’ll download a e-book to your e-reader.
Go ahead, share this link, send your friends over to make a comment. If you have trouble waiting for the contest to end, I have a novel available online in print and e-format. If I Should Die by Sally Franklin Christie.

Where do you buy your books?  The Winner is ….

And the Winner is….

Carolyn O

By Sally

Sally Franklin Christie Blogger and Author of If I Should Die and Milk Carton People.


  1. Hey Sally – for me, it’s not about where I buy the book, but about the book itself. Author website, Goggle iBooks, Apple store, Amazon, Fishpond, B&N, or an Inddie store – they are all much of a muchness to me. They provide a necessary service. Ah, but the books are the treasure I seek everywhere. regards, Amy

  2. I buy books anywhere I find one I like. I use the Kindle app for my iPad a lot, too. So I buy a lot of books from Amazon. The iPad is where I read Sally’s book, IF I SHOULD DIE. At least fifty percent of the books I buy, however, come from I am a multitasker. Audiobooks allow me to get things done and read at the same time, which leaves more time for writing!

  3. I used to get whole heaps of books from used book stores. Nice folks, who all went out of business. Closest book store to us is B&N, so I go there. There was a Borders 10 miles down the highway, now there isn’t. I have been interested in older works lately, for which Google Books has a huge archive of full text titles — more than I could read in a thousand lifetimes. Other times I will get used books from the friends of the local library, but just heard that the whole library is being shut down! So … it’s getting iffy out there.

  4. I buy my books everywhere! Walmart, BooksAMillion, Borders, Barnes and Noble; it doesn’t matter. If I find a book I just have to read, I buy it. Although, I must say that I prefer B&N’s store to the others. Just seems…well, like a bookstore (the BooksAMillion in SC is in a mall, and our Borders just closed). However, I bought a Kindle back in February. I love it! All my book purchases are ebooks through Amazon now.

  5. I buy the majority of my books online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but I still frequent the local Books-A-Million.

  6. I used to buy my books from Borders but not that it has closed its doors :); I’ve been buying them from Amazons. They have good deals going, like $ 25 you get free shipping too. So I get as many 2nd hand books I can buy for $ 25. I also buy from Barnes & Noble but mostly from a 2nd hand book store called Khemas. I have more books than I would be able to read this year but I still buy them. My husband got me 2 huge bookshelves for Christmas !!!

  7. I used to buy my books from Borders but now that it has closed its doors here,:(; I’ve been buying from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles (sometimes), and a 2nd-hand book store called Khema’s. Khema’s has good deals like Amazon. I buy 2nd-hand from Amazon too! I have more books that I will be able to finish reading this year, but I still buy more books.
    I love Amazon because of the deals, you buy for $ 25 and you get free shipping, most of the time.

  8. My favorite place to buy books is at a local used book store called Buy the Book. They have some wonderful deals and a discount for homeschoolers. I just love the feel and smell of books. I also frequent a couple of other used books stores in our area. I also frequent ebay, amazon, and alibris for books. My children and I are currently saving our change to purchase kindles for each of us, so we can enter the electronic ages.

  9. I usually buy my books from used book stores, amazon, and books a million. I could go in there for hours at a time. There is a little used book store where I live called Book Rack, it is my favorite.

  10. I buy my books from a lot of places on line Barnes and Noble usually at Wal-Mart, Borders, Target, and a bunch of other stores.

  11. since my eye surgery last year to reattach my retina, I have had problems reading normal print books because of the microscopic print used now a days to save on paper, so I read all my fun stuff on my kindle where I can make the print as big as I need it. So I get most of my books over at Amazon, but I have been getting some freebies at other sites too that I can upload onto my kindle.

  12. I buy from Amazon, occasionally from Barnes & Noble online, and some from my local independent, The Rocking Chair Bookstore.

  13. While I do frequent a small local bookstore, I buy the majority of my books online. It’s more convient, and now that I have my Kindle, I find all sorts of free books or books that $2.99 and under to explore.

  14. I buy books where I find them. Borders is a favorite, and thankfully the store nearest me is not closing. I love to see what is being offered at the local Half Price Books. I also buy on Amazon–both new and used. My local library is very nice and a part of a massive library system where I can get most of what I’d like to read. I have also recently purchased books at resale shops and library sales, which benefit the library. My favorite way to get new books is to put them on my wish-list when it’s gift time.

  15. Hi Sally, Nice to find your site. I buy most of my books at Amazon, sometimes Cosco. We have a few bookstores around and I will buy books for my grandchildren there sometimes. I also buy them at tag sales and a wonderful used book store a friend introduced me to a few years ago.

  16. I but most of my books via Amazon simply because I live in a small town with no bookstores. The nearest ones are 30 minutes away. I would much prefer supporting a local store. Some incoming books are ARCs and some come directly from the sites of small publishers or the catalogues of historical societies.


  17. I have to confess, I buy waaaay too many books.

    More books than my budget really can cope with but it’s my addiction. I admit it! I’m addicted to buying books. I may not necessarily get to read all of ’em but I love to buy ’em.

    I buy them in the flesh at bookstores, usually Dymocks and used to buy from Angus & Robertson but they’ve gone out of business *wipes a tear*… sniff.

    *Big grin* Now I buy them off and Amazon and Damnation Books and anywhere else my writer-ly friends get theirs published.

    I like to buy books from writers I know and I’m also hanging out for Jean Auel’s new book, The Land of Painted Caves *druel* She’s a lady I would have liked to have known…

    Other than that I use the library every two weeks you’ll find me fingering through the latest and newest on the shelves. I’m like a cross between a mouse and a squirrel when I come across a nice crispy smelly book ~ Ahhhhhhh

    Is that e-nuff Sass?


  18. I deeply regret to confess, book buying seldom happens. I live in the sticks and pay a hefty non-resident fee to use a nice size public library. I just can not rationalize buying books also. The brick and mortar stores in my area, 45 miles away, are the pits. I have bought from from amazon and I still have a Christmas gift, a gift card from B&N.

  19. I purchase books from a variety of places. Sometimes I Buy online, and wait for them to come to me by mail. Sometimes I download bought ebooks onto my Kindle, Nook, Or Fictionwise app on my Itouch, When I need to get out of the house, I go to an actual B&N or Borders store. Or if I’m at Wal Mart, I always make a point to stop in the book section.

  20. I mainly buy my books at our local Borders store which Praise the Lord is not on the list of closing stores!! From time to time I also browse the retail stores like Walmart and Kmart if Borders doesnt have what I am looking for!

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